It's the Rose Bowl, all right! 12/29/16

With the San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop, the Rose Bowl glows on a clear, sunny day.  

Going on a tour of the Rose Bowl was an unexpected treat for us. Adventure Caravans original itinerary had us attending the Tournament of Roses “Equestfest” -- an up-close equestrian performance. This ToR venue was canceled due to an equine virus (not sure what this means, but apparently all equestrian events are out). Since neither Jimmy nor I ever expected to see the actual Rose Bowl playing field in person, much less the ins and outs of the stadium, we were happy for the exchange.

The group was split into two, each with a tour guide; ours was Carol. We walked through hallowed tunnels, sat in seats (like stunned chickens, I'm sure) looking out on the vast empty stadium, checked those old 1922 locker (no longer smelly) rooms, walked into the upper echelons where the swells sit, peeked into Penn State and USC locker rooms, quiet for the moment, but that’ll change on Monday! Go teams! Up and down stairs, we put lots of steps on the fitbits today!

Down at the field, happy in the sunshine, we touched the grass (edge only). On the field, the grass-man manager (what would be his official title? I dunno.) tested spots here and there, maybe pulling a dead blade, making sure the field was “perfect.” We asked, and the answer was, “Kentucky Blue Grass.” The yellows and blues and reds, what material was that? Surprise, it’s painted grass. Huh! One couple from our group is Pennsylvanian, so the lady was allowed to step out by the Penn State goal … she was thrilled, of course.

A piece of trivia for you. The first game played at the Rose Bowl in 1923 was between Penn State and USC … same as this year!  Does this mean Jimmy should sit down?

 These are not the cheap seats!

Here's our friend, Sue, posing in front of -- what else? -- roses!

We won't be at the stadium to watch the game, but a large TV screen will be set up in Adventure Caravans' big-top tent for on-screen viewing.  Or, if the weather is fine (iffy), a hike in the canyons might be a better option (for those of us who don't really care about football). 😁  Either way, we're excited to be in Pasadena.


  1. You remembered different things about the Rose Bowl than I did. So nice to read your view of our day. Love the palms,and sky photo.

  2. Until we went into explore the Falcon Stadium at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, we had never been in a football stadium ... it was quite an eye opener. Yeah, not football fans here either.

  3. Sounds like another grand day!


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