Sunday, January 1, 2017

Seems very weird to hit the number 7, rather than 6, in the year above.  One of those "better get used to it, 'cause a whole year of writing 2017 is in front of you!"  Here we are, tho, beginning a new year, 365 days of uncharted territory, ready to be explored.  Guess we're ready ... ready, set, GO!

Sue and Mo, Jimmy and I played hooky from the group activity today.  None of us was interested in an all-day trip to the LA farmer's market, The Grove or a guided tour of LA, Hollywood or Beverly Hills. We'd been there, done that, and thought a nice hike in the hills would be more to our liking.  Naturally we informed our group leader, so he wouldn't be counting heads and wondering where the four missing people were.  A sunny dawn turned into a rather gray day, but no rain fell.  The roses in the above garden are blooming at the fairgrounds where we're camped.  Lends a cheerful touch to a gray landscape.   

We had an outstanding view of Mt Baldy this morning from our site.
Still quite a bit of snow up top.

Sue knew an area where we could hike, but when we got there, cars were parked on the street a mile back from the entrance to the park, so we decided to go further afield and try our luck at Chantry Flats.  We took two cars -- Jimmy and I fired up Smartie and followed Sue and Mo into the hills above the Inland Empire, winding ever higher and deeper into the canyons. 

If you ever decide to go hiking on New Year's Day, especially anywhere it might be pretty or have a waterfall, remember my words -- don't bother.  Everybody and their Great Aunt Harriet is Out and About, working off all that wonderful Christmas week feasting, and football snacking.  We couldn't get near Chantry Flats.  OK, that plan went bust, but we took the slow road back to the RV Park, on old Route 66 (below), enjoying the sights along the way.

Back at the fairgrounds, we saw a band working their way toward where our RV's were parked.  We stopped to ask if they planned to tune up and practice.  When they said, yes, we parked Smartie and walked to where we heard the horns a-tootin'.

These Marines will be marching in the Rose Parade!  We listened and watched as they went through their paces.  It was kinda cool seeing them dressed in casual clothes, playing the music we'd hear in the parade tomorrow when they would be smartly dressed in their uniforms.

Jimmy on the sidelines.  The sky had turned an overall gloomy gray.

Jimmy and Sue and Ratty Matty -- enjoying the impromptu concert!

Sue and Mo brought homemade Chicken-Green Chili Enchiladas to our place for an early dinner this evening, a delicious dish we all enjoyed.  We sat around and visited for a while, and then called it a night -- tomorrow we have a very early call to "get on the bus."  We'll set out alarm for 4 am -- the bus departs at 5:15 -- all aboard for the Tournament of Roses Parade tomorrow!  Oh boy!

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  1. So glad you got photos of the Marine band. And the roses. I forgot to take pictures of tgem blooming in December. Looks like you have Internet where you are now. Hooray.


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