A Snowy Day in Nevada City, Mon 3/6/17

You might think I'm recycling these snow pictures (haha), but rest assured, I'm not.  When I got up at 6:30 this morning and looked outside, I was shocked to see so much snow.  Guess I didn't pay attention to the weather forecast, or maybe I didn't want to know.  Snowflakes were still falling when I went to get the newspaper (which didn't come).  I took my camera with me because what I saw was a snowy vision worthy of a Currier and Ives painting.  And I returned to a warm house with something -- photos, no paper.  I'll share a few with you.

First thing this morning ... very gray, breathless.  Quiet as a cemetery. 

Maybe the new Iris leaves won't care about being snowed on.

Tergel might be pining for Florida!

Ah, of course, the road must be cleared.  In the process, the plow piles a snow berm at the top of our driveway.  That's okay, we're young and can whisk the snow away.  (did I say young?)  Nevertheless, we do a good job.

And here's what we needed to tackle.

Slogging silently in my boots through the new-fallen snow to the backyard, I peered at everything.  Wow, look at the snowcap on this feeder!  I know I won't see any hummingbirds today; hope they're hunkered down.

A birdbath sits on this little table.  It isn't Saturday, no baths required.

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion who lives on this tree stump at our back deck,
is wrapped in a snow blanket.  Slick headdress!

Six inches -- half a foot -- is plenty! 

We waited till the temperature reached 33 before venturing out to shovel the driveway.  We have two shovels and we both worked till the driveway was clear and we could get the Prius out of the garage. While we shoveled, snow continued to fall, floating gently around us ... creating more work! We parked our car about where Jimmy is standing, so we could get out if/when we wanted. More white stuff and/or rain is predicted for tomorrow.

Our neighbor, Fran, using her Wovel to sweep clear their driveway.

Heavy.  When clumps fall, they explode on the ground.  Or a thud hits the roof.  It's nice to be toasty inside next to the dining room window, watching these great gobs of snow drop, or seeing flurries flutter by.  Glad we got in a nice hike on Friday, 'cause there's no way we'd try our luck walking in deep snow.  We did manage to get in a few steps on the ol' fitbit, plus some aerobic exercise!  We have books to read, good food on the stove, TV to watch, computers to play with, and boots, gloves and jackets if we want to go outdoors. Ah, Life is Good.


  1. Remind you of your youth?

    1. Sort of, but I didn't shovel in those days. We had brothers for that little chore, as you remember! No hills in Niagara, either.

  2. You are doing much better than I am letting the snow inspire you to take photos. I just shoveled my walk after the 8 inches or so that we got last night blew all around into drifts 2 feet deep. You make the snow look so pretty and sound like fun. I am sitting at the computer, after stoking the fire, and looking out the window. Should I get out there and take photos???? Nahhh...I'll just look at yours.


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