A whadayacallit? ... from 2011

The two photos below came to me via a thumb drive my brother gave me last June.  I didn't look at what was in the drive till this week, and then I had to laugh when I saw these!  In February 2011 while living in Tallahassee, FL, Jimmy and I traded in our 2005 Class C Lazy Daze motor home for a 2010 gently-used 26+ ft Winnebago Vista at Lazy Days RV in Tampa, FL.  Climbing up to the cab-over bed in the Class C every night to sleep got tedious, and the bed was impossible to make, so we were ready for a change, in more ways than one.  This new Vista suited us to a "T."

Using Photoshop, my late brother, Rob Nykvist, decided to "personalize" our new home-on-wheels for us, as you can see in the two photos.  The new logo never actually made it onto the Vista siding, though I think having a Tergel renamed Nykvista would've been distinctive ... at least it made for a fun picture.  


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  1. Rob loved to tinker around with photoshop......


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