Odds or Ends -- April 9-12, 2017

Again, spying a break in our otherwise 2017 rainy/stormy weather pattern, we threw a few things in Tergel, and took off down the hill Sunday morning for a three-night stay at Cal-expo RV Park in Sacramento.  Mind you, Sac isn't far from home, maybe 60 or 65 miles and 3000 ft less in elevation, but we really needed to get away while the sun was shining. Besides, I had an early Monday morning medical appointment in Sacramento, and a visit or two with the Joneses and sweet Everly Rose would round out reasons to fly the coop.

We've stayed at Cal-expo before and know the American River Bike Trail is a stone's throw from where we park our RV.  Since we left our bikes at home, getting on our feet Monday after my appointment was exactly what we wanted to do, and so we did.

But first, a flaming tulip from home.
It came close to drowning, but beat the odds.

Jimmy, on the bank of the normally-not-so-lively American River,
but today it's still flowin' high and fast.

The trailside was teeming with wildflowers (achoo! achoo!).

White-veined leaves on the Milk Thistle plant are intriguing, and are very pretty in my eyes, never mind that they can spread like a wildfire.  It's pink/purple prickly flower was attracting lots o' bees.  The plants appeared to be popping up all along the path ... yes, invasive.

Handsome Tom was struttin' and gobblin'!
He had a little gal on the other side of the path he was talking to.

Black Locust flowers (Robinia pseudoacacia) on the river bank.  I've seen these trees in bloom on a prior trip here and wasn't sure what tree it was.  Now we all know!  I couldn't get close enough to catch a scent, but the Wisteria-type flowers look like they'd be fragrant.

Yonder Egret is standing near a slough we'd never seen before.  The American River, like every other waterway in NorCal, overflowed its banks as the result of tons of rain (and snow melt from higher elevations).  I guess we shouldn't have been surprised, but seeing ponds and sloughs filled with water that we'd never seen wet before reminded us that it's been a wild winter.

Turtles, above, on a half submerged log were soaking up the sun.  
We disturbed a covey of Quail, below, as we hiked along.  They zipped into the bushes.

The sky grew overcast (geez), and the temp dropped, but no rain fell.  Stopping beneath this tree, I saw a Nuttall's Woodpecker checking the trunk crevices for a nifty bite or two. 

And this guy was part of a flock of golden-crowned sparrows
gleaning the grass seeds near a golf course.

Tidytips -- Layia platyglossa -- what a cute name for a flower!

* * * * *

I've been plagued by a rash of sorts, as in itchy red spots all over my body, since last November.  Yes, I've been to urgent care, my primary care physician, a naturopath, dermatologists and an allergist, trying to find the cause and cure for the rash.  My appointment Monday morning resulted in a diagnosis of nummular eczema, with a new ointment prescription (taking precedence over all the other jars and tubes I've collected in the past five months).  I'm hoping -- fingers and toes crossed -- that this greasy ointment does the trick.  What I have isn't earth shattering, but it's been hell for me.  Never heard of nummular eczema.

Enough of that.  Anyway, we piloted Tergel to Cal-expo early Sunday afternoon, arriving laden with dinner to share with the young'uns.  Matt was involved in yard work on his day off, so we gave him a hand.  Later, of course, we played with the baby.  Everly Rose is a one-month old doll baby!

Jimmy, getting cozy with The Lollies (at the Pavilions), a sculpture by Ruth Rippon.

On Tuesday, we met Matt and Jen and Everly Rose for lunch in Cafe Bernardo at the Pavilions in Sacramento, not far from Cal-expo.  Each of us ordered something different from the menu, and everything brought to the table was very tasty.  As an added bonus ... little Everly Rose slept through lunch!  After eating, we walked a bit through the outdoor mall to get a coffee.  At that point, she awoke and demanded her own lunch, which Matt delivered via a bottle of Mom's best.

A brisk wind blew and we sought a sheltered nook to drink our coffee and feed Everly.  Gray skies threatened more rain, but we stayed dry.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll have to unhook Tergel early to avoid the upcoming rainstorm (sigh!!).  Jimmy dislikes undoing the utilities in the rain.

So expressive, so cute.

We didn't quite make the unhooking in time .. light rain began while we were drinking our morning coffee.  By the time we got on the road, those windshield wipers were on full.  Not the best drive home, but we made it up the hill and home safely.  Our mini-vacation hit the spot ... a great 5-6 mile walk and lots of baby time ... just what we needed.   A taste of what's hopefully to come.


  1. Well, that beautiful baby and all the lovely flowers certainly made the diagnosis a bit less traumatic. Geez, Nickie...I looked it up. Ack! I surely do hope that the internet version is worse than what you are dealing with, and that the ointment does the trick.

  2. Aw that is one proud Papa! Such a lovely baby girl. LOVE!

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM

    It was sad to read about your brother Rob’s death. He sure did give it his best shot, didn’t he? Life can really be tough sometimes. But at least you now have Everly Rose to enchant and distract you! The pix of her with Matt sure are cute. He looks like the quintessential proud daddy. N.A.


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