It's a done deed. Wednesday, 5/10/17

WARNING:  Knee Bandage Photos

Jimmy has known for a long time -- since he had his left knee replaced two years ago -- that he'd have to "go under the knife" again and replace his right knee.  While we were snorkeling (using fins) on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, AU in December, the last vestige of cartilage in his right knee pulled/tore loose, and left him walking in pain.  Not all the time, mind you, but nagging pain became his sidekick, even when he lay down to sleep. Bone on bone hurts.  Something about using fins in water can aggravate an already problematic knee (too much strain or pressure?), but we didn't know at the time that snorkeling using fins could land him in the hospital within months.

Jimmy saw Dr. Blumenfeld on February 21st, hoping for an early surgery date, but no such luck.  He had to wait 11 weeks and he counted off every one!  Since his left knee surgery with Dr. Blumenfeld went so smoothly, Blumenfeld was the only orthopedic surgeon Jimmy would use for the right one.  He is the best in the west.  Above, Jimmy is prepped and ready to "do it."  Even smiling!

And here is Dr. Thomas Blumenfeld in his "space suit."  This is what orthopedic surgeons wear during surgery.  Jimmy actually watched true-life knee operation videos and knew the docs wore these hygienic get-ups, so he asked to be kept awake long enough to see them in person.  (don't ask me, I wouldn't watch one of those videos)  An associate took this picture. 

The 2pm surgery went well, and my dearest husband was alert and in a room by 5pm, looking for coffee.  He had to settle for broth, hot tea and a pink sorbet, all of which he dispatched with alacrity.  A nerve block was attached just above the bandage and, consequently, he had no pain.  That's a good thing.

He had a smiley face on his right big toe and a "B" on his upper thigh, like tattoos, meaning, pick this side!  This is his knee post-op.  He spent two nights in the hospital, and came home with a brand new waterproof dressing.  And the new bandage is perfectly straight, like his new knee!  Compression sleeves were on both legs and he wore those till his release.  So amazing, so wonderful, what medical science can accomplish anymore, replacing broken-down joints with new, workable, pain-free joints.  BTW, Sutter Hospital employees also rate a high mark.

Never mind the gown or the IV hose or the messy bed covers,
this photo is iconic Jimmy: With a coffee cup in hand!

The next day, Thursday, he was up and walking and beginning P/T.  Don't worry, he was covered by two gowns -- front and back, no show 'n tell!  Also?  No pain.  He's grinning!

Neither of us could remember the exact measurements for slushy ice.  Either 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 cups of water to 70% alcohol.  I emailed Laurie Brown and she said 4 to 1, but I thought it was 3 to 1, so I compromised by 3 and 1/2 to 1, double Ziploc bagged.  When frozen, it's pliable enough to mold over Jimmy's knee.  Not using bags of peas!  We got this, Laurie!

Everly Rose -- 8 weeks!

Two years ago I stayed with Matt and Jen in Sacramento.  The little tapper above precluded that scenario this year!  I stayed at Jen's parents, Tom and Alice's home in Roseville this time (roughly 20 miles from the hospital), so I didn't have to drive the 65 miles back and forth to Nevada City -- a real blessing (thanks, Tom and Alice).  Not only did I get to spend most of those two days with my favorite guy at his bedside, I had some playtime with sweet Everly Rose at her home, a real bonus.  Ohhhhh, what a sweetheart.

We're home now; he was released Friday afternoon.  He's up and moving around, with a walker, of course.  Saturday both a nurse and a physical therapist checked in, and Jimmy passed inspection!  It's a relief to get this knee fixed.  Life is short and at our age, time grows shorter.  We still have many things we want to do, places to go, trails to hike.  Two new knees give us the opportunity to take off.  Maybe go fishing later this summer in British Columbia.  The past two autumns we've toured overseas ... where should we go this year?


  1. Oh so happy to hear things went so well,and your honey is chipper as ever. What a guy! Give Jimmy a hug from both of us.

  2. Modern medicine is amazing! Now for the healing process.... love you guys!

  3. Glad your man has two good knees.


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