One week later ... Thursday, May 17, 2017

Warning:  Candid Knee Photos

Hooray, the deer didn't eat the buds.  What a showpiece!

Two years ago (June 2015), when Jimmy had his left knee replaced, the heat was on in NorCal.  This year's different.  The past week in Nevada City has been cool -- our furnace's been on every morning, fireplace toasting us each evening.  That's fixin' to end, according to the weather folks.

Temperature is not the only difference.  Though Jimmy is now an "old hand" at getting new knees, each operation (basically the same) is distinct.  To wit:  1)  The hospital after-care compared to the previous knee was different.  2)  His post-surgery reaction has been different from his first operation.  Two years ago, he had no nerve pain block and needed pain meds immediately.  This year, at home with the remaining nerve pain block still working, he had little-to-no pain at first (got a little cocky), but a few days later and block meds spent, pain brought him to his knees (so to speak). Kidding, kind of.  Now he has to remember to take meds regularly to keep his pain in check. One similarity:  He's been up and walking in the house, using a walker or a single walking stick, and then he retires to his recliner to ice his knee.  Only one week post-op, he's doing well.  We both are.

Linda with Progressive Home Care is preparing to remove staples.

28 staples this year.  24 last time.  BTW, this didn't hurt.

All fixed and covered with long steri-stips.

You can check out the 2015 knee surgeries by clicking here and here.  Use your back arrow to return to this post.

We came home from Sutter Hospital on Friday, the 12th.  The next day, Matt and Jenny and 8-wk-old Everly Rose (and their two little doggies) drove up from Sacramento for a visit. They brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers (below) for Mama's Day or, in my case, Gramma's Day!  Matt and I made pizzas (and a mess) in the kitchen and we all passed a delightful few hours.

Below are a few of Jimmy's favorites ... with Everly Rose, of course!

She was intrigued by the ceiling fan blades going 'round and 'round.

* * * * * * * * * *

While Jimmy has been busy healing, I've been occupied in the yard doing much-needed maintenance, and admiring plants and flowers that are showing up due to the gallons of precip we've received this year.  But, oh, I've been weeding!  I don't remember seeing crab grass in our back yard, but we have a bumper crop this year and I've been slowly and painfully yanking out each small plant before it can produce seeds.  Phooey, I believe the durned pesky weed is winning.    

Love the Iris blooming in our front yard.
The one on the right is ready to pop open.

Little native wild Iris finally in bloom in the side yard.

Whoa, here's a newcomer in the back.  A California native Stickweed, tho I can't identify which one, but it's a perennial herb.  Pretty color.

There's a story behind this picture.  This fragrant rose in my backyard came from Matt and Jen's yard.  Last year, he transformed his yard to drought-tolerant, and out came their roses.  We came by when it was this rose's turn to be removed. I said I'd take it and dug out most of the root, except for the big one.  Matt said he'd get it and jerked it out, minus the root.  Oops.  I took it home anyway, despairing it would live.  You see it lived and is thriving.  I've named it ... (what else?) Everly Rose.

Here now is my dearest Jimmy one week post-op.  He has two new knees and two straight legs!  This evening he's watching Two-and-a-Half Men and laughing out loud at their shenanigans.  Laughter is therapeutic!  He's doing good right now, actually, he says.  Betcha he'll keep on "doing good" and getting better every day!

Go, Jimmy, go!


  1. Oh so good to hear that Jimmy is doing so well, and photos of him standing and smiling, so quickly Always amazing to me. I pray to goodness I never need a knee operation because I can't take pain meds. I throw up every ten minutes with them so surgery is something I try to avoid at all costs. sigh. Proud of Jimmy for being such a trooper. He will hike many more miles than I will manage in the years to come I would think. Perfect name for you rose! She is just so sweet and precious and adorable. Enjoy the coming hot weather. We will be driving to visit Mo's brother this weekend, and then back to Grants Pass to hopefully get water on the flowers that are wilting in the 90 plus degree heat predicted for the next few days.

  2. Sweet baby! The flowers are beautiful but the pictures of Jimmy's knee made me cringe although the surgical cut and he both look good for only one week post-op.

    1. Agreed, sweet baby and beautiful flowers, and the knee pics make me cringe, too!

  3. Modern medicine, gotta love it (mostly)! And how cool is that, the Matt rose came back strong! Of course it's name is Everly Rose! Glad you guys are doing so well.

  4. Nice legs Jimmy! Glad you're "doing good!"

  5. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Glad to see Jimmy doing so well!! D.J.

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    The knee looks GREAT! Such a nice straight scar. And Everly Rose, such a doll baby. Lucky you two. I agree on the blooms and the weeds - the drought-busting rain has caused every plant to spring for joy. All the azaleas, rhododendrons, iris, geraniums... the dogwoods had a spectacular season. And yes, lots of weeds - but we get lots of weeds EVERY spring! Laurie


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