Reminiscing and more ... Sunday, 4/30/17

Jimmy and I maintain contact with several of our fellow Road Scholar travelers.  Nowadays, it's easy to do, via emails and text messages, or even phone calls.  Facebook is another way to keep up with where our friends are today.  Some are visiting exotic places like India and Indonesia right now.  I follow Erin of Two to Travel's blog and she's currently in Dubai.  The world becomes a small place when traveling is made so easy -- all ya need is time and money!  Aside from expanding one's horizons, one of the great pluses of traveling is making new friends.  We have met really nice folk as we go Out and About, and one of them paid us a visit this afternoon.  

Garrett was among the RS group who traveled with us for the month we were in New Zealand and Australia -- last Nov/Dec.  We all had a grand time touring these two DownUnder countries.  Garrett lives in Olympia WA and was in Sacramento for a weekend wedding.  Since Jimmy and I are only an hour away, we suggested a meeting at our place (that's where emails and text messages come in handy).  He drove up to Nevada City and we spent a delightful afternoon rehashing last year's trip and talking about upcoming ones.  It's nice to catch up.

Now that Lefty's Grill has reopened after their restaurant flooded in "atmospheric rivers of rain" (both January AND February), we decided on lunch there.  Sitting outdoors on their patio (above and below) listening to Deer Creek rush past on this warm, sunshine-y day was so darned pleasant.  After all those gray, wet, months, sunny and 70ish weather was heavenly!  As you can see, Deer Creek is still splashing along at a pretty smart clip.

After a muy delicioso lunch, we strolled a bit along downtown Nevada City streets (I think we have three) -- gotta walk off some of those calories!  Garrett seemed to like our old western "Mother Lode" town.

I stood in the middle of Broad Street to take this picture; can't do this in very many cities without getting run over!  Jimmy and I planned to return to the Nevada Theater (dark bldg/far right) at 7pm to see the Indie movie, "Chasing Niagara." [terrific flick about kayaking over Niagara Falls]

We turned around at this point in our ambling.
I love these pink Dogwood trees.

Well, okay, here we go.  Butter pecan single, in my hand and soon in my tummy.  Jimmy (left) and Garrett, make their choices at Treats in Nevada City.  Heck, it WAS a warm day ... ripe for ice cream!

Lots o' color in town.

They've finished their cones.  I'm still working on mine!

Still on foot, we stopped to Look at the cool old mining equipment displayed in Calanan Park.  The sign above is enlarged below.  You can enlarge it again to read it easier.  After this, we piled in the red Prius and returned home.  Garrett took his leave of us then, so he could head back to his cousin's house where he was staying.  Thanks for coming to see us, Garrett, we enjoyed your visit very much!


  1. I thought I recognized that deck, and sure enough. Nice to see Left us open again and to see you enjoying sunshine and ice cream.

  2. Nice to make new friends! And YAY for Lefty's!


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