Fun times at Pioneer Park, 6/25-6/27

Okay, then, it's nearly July.  I think we can safely pack away (or "put up" as some folks say) those comfortable sweats, snuggly down vests and warm, woolly socks in favor of summery shorts and bathing suits!

June is also when the Nevada City Concert Band starts up their Picnic Pops Series.  We were happy to attend their first one this past Sunday (5pm), savoring the title:  "Love Gone Wrong!"  We knew the music would be good.  If you enlarge the picture below, you can easily read the song titles (use your back arrow to return to this post).

The venue had changed this year and while we knew how to get to Pioneer Park, we didn't know where the picnic area next to Deer Creek was.  Not a problem, all we had to do was follow the crowd of people.  Winter and spring "atmospheric rivers" inundated and damaged the park grounds, including in front of the band shell ... hence, we listened to the concert under the trees near Deer Creek.  Possibly the band can return to the shell for their next concert.

We brought our folding chairs and a chicken salad I'd made; I took this pic from where we parked our chairs.  I couldn't see as well from this spot, but I could hear just fine.  It was warm, for sure, but it wasn't hot like last week.  The tall trees provided shade for us most of time.  We wore long pants, worried about skeeters, but we saw nary a bug.  All-in-all, we were quite comfy.

Getting ready.

Quite a mess o' people attended, young and not-so-young.

Our friends at Lazy Dog Chocolateria were on hand, as usual ...

... and, as usual, we each got our favorite ice cream.

These volunteer musicians can really put on a show (a really good shew).  They play and they make us laugh, and ya can't beat that for a free concert!  Above are the Stamp Mill Stompers cruising in from across Deer Creek, playing and singing "No, It Ain't My Fault," Dixieland-style.  Kind of a rag-tag lookin' group, but they know how to deliver a good time.

It is so much fun watching the little ones dance.  They move to the rhythm without a care; they dance like no one is watching.  Young miss, above, in her bonnet and sundress, waved her arms and danced through one tune and then another.

Here the Stamp Mill Stompers gave their rendition of St James Infirmary.  Campy Diane Miessler on "washboard" was cool to watch.  Those hands of hers could sweep that washboard and make some music!

Our friend, Terry, sitting with a group from her neighborhood, was right in front of us! 

We got a kick out of seeing Superman sitting atop a large wood box.
He and his little buddy didn't miss a beat.  What fun these concerts are!

* * * * * * * * * *

Also at Pioneer Park is daily swimming in their Olympic-size pool, from June 3rd to Aug 15th ... the Nevada City Pool is a great place to cool off during summer, and the cost is minimal.  Jimmy and I finally quit talking about going and today took action!  From 10:30-11:30 a water exercise class offers a variety of exercises for all skill levels to meet many workout goals. The class aims to promote muscle toning, cardio and flexibility and includes both low and high impact moves.  Right now Jimmy is just walking, letting the water soothe his new knee.  Later on in the season, he'll join the exercise class.  Me?  Tomorrow I'll be lucky if I can get out of bed, what with an hour of  "muscle toning, cardio, and flexibility!"  

We are ready to join the exercise class!
Nice that we have the pool to ourselves during that hour.

We agree!

Dried and changed, he's ready to go home.

* * * * * * * * * *

Around the corner from our house is a large stand of Matilija Poppies, referred to as the "Queen of California Flowers."  I've always called them Matilda Poppies (sigh, I know).  To me, the flowers look like fried eggs, or sunny-side-up eggs.  The white bloom is large, the size of a saucer (!) and the petals look like crepe-paper and are usually full of bees.  They love the sun, but when I ventured out to get these pics, it was after 5pm and the flowers weren't as open as I'd seen them.  

Nevertheless, imagine seeing a huge stand of white flowers like these, at eye-level on long straight stems, contrasted by attractive blue-green foliage… they are real show stoppers at this time of year in NorCal.  Perennial Matilija poppies are only found in a few California locations ... and none in my yard.  I am, however, content to see them around the corner.


  1. Bringing my swimsuit, yes ma'am.

  2. Looks like your having fun this summer - healing knee and all!


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