Real Life ... interrupted. June 1st, 2017

Hard to believe it's June 1st.  Already we're sinking our teeth into the sixth month this year, with summer lurking around the corner.  In some areas of the country, summer-like heat has hit like a smack in the face, but we've been fortunate here.  We've had a taste, but only that, and we're enjoying a lovely spring, tho skeeters have been annoying.  Jimmy says, "What do you expect, with all the rain we had?"  Bad with the good, huh?

This morning I found this not-so-subtle pearl in my inbox, from our Tallahassee friend, Nancy Abbey:  
Nothing new on your blog since May 17, and it’s now June 1!  How’s Jimmy coming along?  How’re you surviving as nurse/caregiver?
That was it.  Well, nothing like a gentle reminder to get the ol' rear in gear!  Thanks, Nancy, and here you go!

What have we been doing since May 17th?  Truth be told:  work and not much else.  Jimmy has one simple job these days, and that's to heal his knee.  He is three weeks post-op on his right total knee replacement surgery (left was done two years ago).  Appointment notes litter the days on our May calendar.  Home health care and a physical therapist have been regulars.  Thus far, the June calendar is clear except a Dr. Blumenfeld app't on the 22nd.

Exercise.  Then:  Ice and elevation.  Repeat two or three times daily.
But, he ices and elevates his knee frequently. 

I wear many hats while he recuperates.  I haven't been out doing much, but yard work has kept me plenty busy.  I learned how to use the Weedeater and it seems as though I've been hired!  All the green behind me is St Johns Wort and Periwinkle.  What I'm after here is a different invasive -- crabgrass ... before it goes to seed.  Losing battle.  I appreciate all that Jimmy does both in the house and outdoors, and I'll be happy when his knee is healed and he can resume helping.  I miss my buddy at my side.

Must keep the hummingbird feeder filled.  They depend on it! 

Hooray, we had a cookout on Sunday (for Memorial Day).  Matt and Jen and Everly Rose (and Sophie and Maggie) drove up from Sac for the afternoon.  Food is always a part of our together times, and we have fun milling around in the kitchen.  Today, however, Matt did the grillin', while Jimmy supervised.  I'd made a cabbage/kale salad and a strawberry dessert in advance, so I was excused from the kitchen to tend to my chore for the day -- playing with Everly Rose.  Ahh, chores like these I love!

I rocked my granddaughter into dreamland. ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’œ
So adorable.

Everly Rose is blessed to have such a beautiful mother!  Notice the one shoe on-one shoe off?  I couldn't help myself.  While I was sitting outside on the deck with Everly Rose, I took off her shoe 'cause my feet were hot, so I figured hers were, too.  Besides, I wanted to look at and cuddle her cute little toes.  It was sweet.  And my feet cooled off immediately.

The steri-strips are gone, and the much of the swelling is gone.
Doesn't look too bad, although those are some stark white legs!!

Oh, yes, I've been working at Tumbling Creek Farm, too, weeding, planting and picking.  I picked strawberries a couple of times, and one Tupperware (above) yielded a four-pint batch of strawberry jam.  Just in time.  We were "officially out."  Whew!

My Everly Rose (bush) in solid bloom.

Yesterday Jimmy asked me if I wanted to walk around the fairgrounds today.  I said, "Yup, I would."  He said he's like to give it a try, too (the footpath is paved and level).  Above you see him walking (!!), using only his hiking/walking stick.  Three weeks post-op -- isn't it amazing?  He didn't go far, but he went far enough.  Tomorrow we'll return, and he'll try for a bit more distance.  He is doing all right, wouldn't you say, Nancy?  I'd say so!  And Nurse Ratched is doing just fine.  Thanx for asking!


  1. That guy of yours is an amazing trooper! Look at him go! You two will be hiking the high Sierras before the summer is over I'll bet. So good to hear from you and see you little sweet Everly Rose.

  2. Jimmy is one tough son... sumb... ahh, fella! Beautiful Everly Rose! Both the baby girl AND the bush! You two have been soooo blessed lately! Love from your seester!

  3. Good to hear that Jim's knee is healing nicely and that he is now out and starting to walk on it, just don't push it too much.

    Everly Rose is adorable, nice that you got to spend some time with her over the holiday weekend.


    1. Thanks, Ruth. He won't push it (and I won't let him). We have plans to go and places to see, so he'll need two good "pins!"

  4. What a guy! However, as I read your update I can't help but realize how lucky you two were to find each other. I'm sending healing thoughts to Jimmmy and a big hug to you. M

    1. Thank you, Mary! Jimmy and I count our blessings every day. And he appreciates your healing thoughts.

  5. Nice to see Jimmy walking and you gardening.

    1. Yes, it is nice to see Jimmy walking! You know he (and I) have places to go!!

  6. Sounds like he will be ready to get back to a full schedule soon enough:)

    1. Thanks! Sure hope so ... that's the plan anyway!

  7. Such a shame that we are going to miss each other in Greece--clearly Jimmy is now ready to bungy-jump off the Acropolis with those two functioning knees and you know I'd be happy to join him!


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