A sweet farewell -- Sunday, 7/09/17

What a fun week we had with Nannie!  And a busy one, too.  We didn't sit still for long, always on the go -- hiking, swimming, even partying.  Her week with us is over tomorrow (Monday); she returns home to Baton Rouge.  I believe she felt that one of the best parts of her visit was seeing and holding her grand-niece, Everly Rose, for the first time since she was born.  If you follow my blog, you know they began their bond last Monday.  You can arrow down to see previous posts.

Sunday was forecast to be another sweltering day, in the 100 degree range.  Phooey on being outside in that heat.  Matt and Jen would be home Sunday afternoon, and they said, "c'mon down!"  Nannie could get one last baby fix this trip (and I'd get my gramma fix), plus we'd be indoors.  Jimmy had previously told his friend, Cliff, that he'd help him with an electrical issue, so it'd be just me and Nannie driving to Sacramento.

We left early enough to stop at the (air-conditioned) Roseville Galleria, get in some steps and look around -- try on a bathing suit or a pair of shoes, and then on to see the little one.

Nearly four months old, Everly Rose is a happy baby, not fussy at all, which is a huge bonus for her parents.  She seems to love everyone she meets.  Sweet Everly Rose!  I guess I should insert that spending time with Matt and Jen was also very special for my sister.  So help me, I couldn't choose just one photo, which means you get to see several!  In the following three pics, Nannie and Everly Rose were carrying on quite an animated conversation. 

Tummy time!  Already "reaching" for toys.

Daddy's girl.

Sunday's temp in Sacramento reached 104, but it had receded into the 90's by the time we went out for a bite to eat at OBO's ... a delicious (but noisy) Italian Eatery.  The baby cooed the whole time we sat there.  Above are four of my favorite people!

Good times have to end (sigh), and we drove Nannie to Sac Internat'l Airport late Monday morning.  Our house feels a bit empty now!  I love having my sister here, but each of us has plans.  Nannie and Bubba moved back into their house last month (from when their place flooded last August) and she has plenty of catching up to do house-wise.  Jimmy and I are going to fill up our Tergel and head north to Oregon by the end of the week.  We'll have lots to do between Nannie leaving and us leaving in Tergel.  We are really looking forward to being "on the road again!"


  1. SO glad you mentioned Nannie's house, I was wondering how that was coming along. Those are some very sweet family photos of everyone and of Everly Rose. We are making a fast run to Richland this weekend, but will be back in time for Monday, promise!

  2. It is always nice to spend some time with the family. Wow, is Everly Rose ever a cutie and she does look pretty happy. Glad everyone had a great visit!


  3. Glad to hear Nannie's moving back into her house after the devastation wreaked by the floods. Everly Rose is delightful in all the photos ... no surprise you couldn't just pick one.

  4. No one can resist such an adorable child:)

  5. Oh what a wonderful week! We always have such a good time, us sisters. With a major bonus being Matt and Jen and Everly! Thank you so much, I love you....


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