Happy Fourth of July, 2017

Oh boy, oh boy!  Yesterday afternoon, we picked up my sister, Nannie, from Sacramento Airport (SMF, or Smurf as it's affectionately called), and we have her for a whole week, hooray!  I thought a small party the next day - on the 4th - would be a good way for family and friends to welcome her to NorCal, and so we did!  Twelve of us "broke bread" on a warm summer day, plus Maggie and Sophie, Matt and Jen's two mischievous dogs.

We skipped the parade this year, which was held in Grass Valley, and missed the fireworks, but that's okay.  The crew milled around, chatting and laughing, by the table full of food and out onto our back deck, where Matt and Jimmy grilled sliders and dogs.  What a fun group we were!  I was remiss with my camera when it came to taking group or food photos, but I "did it up brown" when sweet Everly Rose was in the picture.  BTW, she and Nannie bonded like glue!

 Me, Terry, Nannie, and Mary -- four good buddies.

Two very happy and contented kinfolk ... one grown-up and one sprout.

Here's Matt and Jen with Everly Rose, on our back deck.

The patriotic miss was almost 16 weeks on the Fourth. 

Three mouseketeers:  Gramma, Aunt Nannie and Everly.  Another goofy picture.

We had a grand time at the party, which lasted well into late afternoon, till only family remained, and we talked and visited till dark.  Nannie and the kids had some catching up to do, while Everly bounced from one lap to another.  Because all fireworks, including safe and sane (whatever that is) were banned in Nevada County due to potential fire danger, all remained quiet up in these parts, thank heavens; even the dogs perched undisturbed on the back of the couch. Ultimately the young folks drove back to their Sacramento home ... but everyone agreed that we'll get together again before Nannie has to leave.  

What else do we have planned?  Soma this-soma that.  Woo-hoo, stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    What a great welcome! So good to see everyone, especially Everly Rose - such a contented baby! Thanks for the par-tee, my seester ❤.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Love the pictures!

  3. So great. Nothing like family on the fourth. I love that part of it, but do miss the fireworks.

  4. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I had a really good time on Tuesday! Food, company, baby, conversation... were all just lovely! Thanks so much! Love, M.


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