It's warming up in Nevada City! Wed, 7/5/17

If summer temperatures begin to soar, what would sensible people do?  Jump in Pioneer Park Pool, that's what!  The hour-long pool exercise class is held Mon-Thurs, but because the pool was closed on the Fourth, it'll be open on Friday this week, too.  That gives us more options and we like options!  From 10:30-11:30, you can either join the pool aerobics, swim laps, or just plain ol' enjoy being in the water.  Or any combination of the three (my choice).  Jimmy, with his new knee, likes to walk and work at limbering up that eight-week, post-op knee.

Best part is:  no hords of screaming kids during the hour-long exercise period.

Hah!  Looks like I'm gonna get a "foot sandwich" in this pic!

The water felt heavenly.

Best buds!  And nobody got hurt!

* * * * * * * * * *

We took clothes and shoes to change into when we got out of the pool so we could go for a short hike to the Chinese Bridge on the Deer Creek Tribute Trail.  Okay, I freely admit that my first suggestion of pool time was a lot better than my second proposal of hiking in the afternoon heat.  I didn't know it was going to be 90 degrees ... the last I heard was mid-80's.  Somebody turned the burners on high -- no fair!

Not much shade along the Newtown Canal "ditch," unfortunately,
as Jimmy leads the way.

We continued down to Deer Creek, often in shade on this part of the trail.

Nice bench, but not after the wood has been soaking up the sun's rays!
Quick photo, and then we popped up like jumping beans.

The attractive "Chinese Bridge" is perfectly placed at Stocking Flat, with picnic tables and benches nearby.  A memorial plaque near the bridge commemorates the role of Chinese pioneers, but frankly there was little creek cooling and lots of stifling heat, so we didn't stop to read.  Jimmy and Nannie above, walk across the bridge.

Deer Creek is dramatically lower than when Jimmy and I were here five months ago.
Click here to see.

We were looking for (and pointing to) fish in the pool below the bridge.

Zowee, look at the potential blackberries.
There will be lots and lots near the creek. 

Holy Moly, would you look at that sky!  While Nannie and I meandered down to the river to see how cool it was, Jimmy sat down to wait for us (above).  He didn't want to walk on the jumble of rocks -- too treacherous.  When Nannie and I left the river to return his way, I was very surprised to see the sky had clouded over and looked stormy!  We made for the car, not because we were afraid of getting wet, but we're wussies and wanted to get in air conditioning!  25 raindrops fell (woo-hoo!) on the car, spotting the dust that covered it.

Trudging up to the canal path, I spied this Manzanita.
Such interesting bark.

Well, so much for a clean car!  Champion Mine Road is dirt/gravel and it made a mess of the Prius!  Jimmy, bless his heart, gave it a quick hosing off.  The three of us pretty much followed suit inside!  After our showers, we cooled our heels sitting in air-conditioned splendor!  We were all kinda wiped out!

Later, Nannie said, "What we gonna do tomorrow?"


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    The pool was wonderful but hiking in afternoon heat with no breeze, not so much. Still, a mighty fine day!! -Nannie

  2. Congrats on getting out in the heat. What a great pool! The one at the,Running Y is indoors. Meh. But at least it's a pool.

  3. Great pool pictures. The heat has even got me heading to the pool - and Odel and I bought pool noodles for complete laziness! We've been on the lake trail around 6 am for several weeks now, which severely cuts into my zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, so afternoon naps are occasionally on the agenda. This heat is a bummer. Hooray for AC!


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