High Springs FL with the Nykvists

Our RV and Underwood's trailer at High Springs Campground. Jimmy, Rus, and Bubba at O'Leno State Pk.

Anne and Rus and SIGN! Ruthie & Rus goofing around. Nannie & Ruthie sniffing blossoms.
Anne Nykvist on the suspension bridge. Jimmy - king of the hill! Rus - bump on a log!

Bubba, Jimmy, Ruthie, Rus, and Nannie at O'Leno St. Pk. Nannie & Bubba walking a trail at the park.

We six retired people held a mini family reunion at High Springs from Feb 26-Mar 1. Too bad Rob had to work and couldn't join us. Rus and Anne were on their way from Boston to a month's stay in Naples. Nannie and Bubba drove with their travel trailer from Baton Rouge, and we were on our way up from the Everglades, so we made the most of it. Tramped thru O'Leno State Park, hiked the La Chua Trail at Paynes Prairie (big wind!) to the observation deck, and avoided stepping on any alligators. Saw whooping cranes from afar! Enjoyed a fine dinner in Gainesville at Amelia's. On Sunday after Rus and Anne left us, the Underwood's and Wilkinson's elected to see Slumdog Millionaire (wow!) and wandered thru the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville (to stay out of the cold, windy weather that day). Ain't retirement grand? We think so!!
And then, homeward-bound....


More Everglades National Park

Lovely bunch of coconuts. Great hiking trails.

Love the signs, elevation-wise ....

We didn't see any Florida panthers (only nine left in this great big park?) -- too bad. We wondered if this was a panther tracking device near Eco-pond?  But we never found out if it is.