Lancaster County, PA - 5/28 thru ...


Oh boy - salmon on the grill.


 Overlooking the valley from our site.

Cherry tree loaded with fruit.


Out for a walk in the peaceful Amish country.


Lots of animals, inc. this cute lil' lamb.

Staying in Country Haven C/G in New Holland PA is a nice sojurn for us after the bustle of DC. We really are out in the country, a landscape of rolling farmland, amazing flower and vegetable gardens (I'm jealous), and a gourd farm just below our C/G. We love the quiet - birds and the clip-clop of horses and buggies are the best sounds to hear. We enjoyed our 3-mile walk (photos above), and buying fresh eggs and produce directly from the farms. We may never leave! 😄


WASHINGTON DC 5/22 - 5/27, Part Two

Overlooking the Potomac. Razor sharp edged Nat'l Art Gallery bldg. Smithsonian Castle.

Botanic Gardens (and US Capitol Bldg). Two of about 5,000 orchid specimens at USBG!

Inside and outside (with American Indian Museum in background) USBG. Flowers at the Freer Art Gallery.

We very much enjoyed the Smithsonian museums, including the fantastic new American Indian Museum and the delicious lunch we ate there, as well as the US Botanic Gardens. Walked a bit in Chinatown and around Georgetown. The days seemed too short for all the things we wanted to do, but we managed to pack in quite a bit. Next stop: Lancaster PA

WASHINGTON DC 5/22 - 5/27

Up to now, Jimmy and I haven't taken a bus tour on any of our travels, but we wanted a good overview of the DC area... so we bought two-day tickets for the hop on-hop off double decker bus. We enjoyed the heck out the ride, plus we got to see parts of DC we wouldn't have seen otherwise. Our first three days here were cool and pleasant, but then the daytime temperature jumped headlong into the 90's and DC became less than ideal!

Parked next to the Underwoods at our C/G. Union Station! The dbl-decker parked in front of Union Station.

Our National Cathedral. Rose window in the Cathedral. Roses and Ruth at a bus stop.

Changing of the guard and the Kennedy Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. We were moved by both the Cathedral and Arlington. We did quite a bit of walking our first three days in DC. The fourth day we visited the C/G pool, while the fifth day involved chores and A/C!!


New River Bike Trail #2, Fri 5/21

First bridge of the day. Pastoral scene (moo cow drinking from the river). Under the trestle!

Mile Marker 34. Byllesby Dam powerhouse (1913). Ruth @ Ruth's Spring!!

Galax to the left, Fries to the right. Wonderful ol' trestle across the water. Two sweethearts!

Approaching and riding thru one of the tunnels on the New River Trail (chilly inside).
Out early to get our ride in before approaching rain dampened the day - from Austinville at MM 28 (named after Stephen Austin of Austin, TX fame) to MM 40... 12 miles up a slight incline and 12 miles back down (opposite of yesterday). Altogether different look to this section of the trail, more open and pastoral. Today we crossed the river twice over long trestles, saw two dams, scurried thru a tunnel, and I got to step in the mud at my very own spring! We did beat the rain, even managed two loads of wash, showers AND dinner before the first drop fell. Life is Good!


New River Bike Trail #1 - Thurs, 5/20

(Click on any image to enlarge)

Smartie with bikes! New River near Foster Falls. Jimmy on the beautiful bike trail.

What kind of (large) tree has blossoms like these? Jimmy examining the barred entrance to a cave.

Trestle bridge over Big Reed Island Creek. Almost ran over the snake! Old house off the trail.

Iris next to the trail. Bridge over New River. One of the many interesting sights on this trail.
We tried to ride the New River Rails-to-Trails 51-mile bike path in years past, but were rained out twice. Today was THE day, cool and sunny and gorgeous. Smartie carried our bikes to Foster Falls from our campground, and we pedaled from that point north to Allisonia - 12 miles down an incline and 12 miles back up. We only quit there because we're going to ride tomorrow. The water looks like chocolate milk and is peppered with rapids. This section of rail-trail follows (high above) the river and is bordered with great mounds of lightly-scented wild climbing roses mixed with colorful perennials, shade trees and lush greenery. We marveled at the sheer rock face that loomed over our heads most of the way. In places we were reminded of the Virginia Creeper Trail & the Greenbrier WV River Trail... all three of these are outstanding rides.


5/18 - Scenes from Lake Loop Trail, Hungry Mother St Pk

6 miles around the lake.

rhodendron blossom. Flowers or mushrooms? Don't know.
rhodendrons of a different kind?