3/22 – 3/24 Big Lagoon St Park, Florida

Mickey, Nickie, Jimmy, Nancy

And only 51 miles from our Daphne AL condo!  Our Tallahassee RV’ing friends were spending a week at this park on Perdido Bay, FL, so we joined them for two nights.  Our first time here – we were happily surprised – and pleased to find a nearby treasure (on the Gulf of Mexico) that doesn’t require a lot of driving (or gas consumption)!  Weather was fine, tho a tad on the warm side for bike-riding.  Lots of trails, bordered with beach rosemary in full bloom, and areas to ride bikes.  Very enjoyable stay.

Kayakers approaching Big Lagoon.

Playing with hermit crabs (lookout tower in background).

Lovely displays of Blue-eyed Grass.

Dinner!  Fish must be abundant as we saw lots of ospreys.


Fairhope, AL - bike ride on Thursday, March 3rd

Spring is busting out all over... and pollen is flying through the air!  Never mind, the day was perfect for a bike ride from Fairhope Park, south toward Pelican Point (14 mile R/T)... partly cloudy and 70ish, with a southeast wind that forecast rain the following day or two.

Jimmy admiring the seahorse sculpture, overlooking Fairhope Pier and Mobile Bay.
Pink camillias loaded with flowers.

Gorgeous Bradford pears all over the area are in full bloom.  Enjoy their beauty before rain knocks off the petals.

Close-up of a Bradford pear.

Jimmy in front of a huge eye-catching Loropetalum shrub.