Wakulla River in the Fall

Sunday dawned fine - perfect for launching our new inflatable tandem Sea Eagle (only our second time). The kayak performed great, and with a little more practice, the owners will as well... be able to inflate and deflate in no time, that is. We chose to kayak the spring-fed Wakulla River one way, and put in at Upper Bridge. Took out at Lower Bridge, with Smartie waiting for us. Such a pretty place to paddle. Spotted a bit of fall color along the way....

Beautiful and serene waterway. Cypress draped in Spanish Moss, with lots o' knees.

Smiley is posing for his photo! Look at (and enlarge) the last two unbelievable shots of this big bruiser and his pose!

Check out all the guys sticking their necks out!!

Always a treat to encounter the mythological sea cows (manatees). We spotted five this trip. People who have anchors on their boats (we don't yet) sometimes drop anchor just to sit near them while they peacefully graze the sea grass. Nice outing this day!