08-28/29-09 Visit to Louisiana

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At Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant in Baton Rouge on Friday.

Ruthie & Jimmy, Nannie & Bubba, Marcie & Johnny. Matt, Mom & Nannie goofing around!

On the swing. Me, Jimmy, Matt & Jen tearing into the crawfish.

Matt & Jen say: Yummy!

Jimmy and I drove from Tallahassee to Nannie & Bubba's in Baton Rouge. Matt and Jen flew into New Orleans and drove up to Baton Rouge, where we all met up and thoroughly enjoyed a brief reunion! We ate a fine dinner Friday nite at Ninfa's (where Matt used to work), and Nannie & Bubba hosted a muy delicious crawfish boil on Saturday. Jen got her first taste of crawfish AND Louisiana.... We all parted company Saturday evening, grateful for the chance, tho brief, to be together. Loved it!