One more trip down the Wakulla River

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Hey! Only one cormorant to a branch! Ospreys. We saw a head pop up in the nest.

Colorful swamp maples. Exercising and reading and enjoying the outdoors all rolled into one! (A pedal kayak.)

Today was turtle day!
Twas a fine warm day for a paddle down the spring-fed Wakulla River... till the wind caught us and tried to push us back where we came from! We persevered, and made it the roughly six miles down to Fort San Marcos de Apalachee, where the Wakulla converges with St Marks River. Saw one manatee - it stuck its snout out of the water for a breath right next to our kayak. We leave Tallahassee in a few weeks (for good), and we'll surely miss this river and St Marks NWR. Two of the best reasons to live in Tallahassee!


02/28/10 Riding the St Marks bike trail

A cool, sunny late-winter day seemed a perfect time to ride the wonderful Historic RR Trail - always a great ride. At trails end (www.floridastateparks.org/sanmarcos/), we rested on a bench overlooking the St Marks River to eat an energy bar and watch the boats ease past ("no wake"), either putting in or taking out. Lots of biking activity on the trail today (GOOD!). You can look the trail up online by typing in the words on the sign below.

(L) Not a sign you see very often. (R) Good day for a picnic, but not at this table!
(Tallahassee has had a lot of rain so far this year... can you tell? Click on the last photo to see.)

More St Marks NWR hike with Rob

A sunny day brings 'em out!

Dang things were everywhere. Guess these birds must feel safe from predatory jaws...?

Almost had to kick 'em off the levee, out of our way! Shoo! Shoo!

Guess Rob feels safe enough, too, this close to a fairly big 'un? Run, Robert, Run! (kidding)