Fairhope, Alabama 12/20/10

My sister and B-i-L, Nannie and Bubba, drove from Baton Rouge to Daphne for an abbreviated early Christmas visit and, as usual, we all had a great time together. Love my sister! Thanx for coming over.

My sister and me striking a "nice" pose in front of our tree before we started cutting up and laughing ourselves silly. I didn't post the goofy ones (and you are welcome!). The four of us spent part of Monday at Fairhope, walking out on the pier and milling around the bayside park. Weather was cool, but sunny - quite acceptable. We ate Jimmy's yummy seafood gumbo Sunday evening, and on Monday we had reservations at The Wash House in Fairhope, where we enjoyed a leisurely, delicious dinner at a table in front of the fireplace. Cozy. Great food. They had to return home on Tuesday, but better short visit than none at all.
Merry Christmas to all. God bless us everyone!


Happy Holidays!

From the two of us to all of you: Good advice for the new year!

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