02/20/10 - A weekend visit from Rob

After several days of gloom and wet, and another very chilly night, we were all pleased to see the sun. With such a pleasant day ahead of us, we three decided to do some St Marks NWR hiking in the warm sunshine. We spied lots of ducks and water birds frolicking in the waters. The bald eagles were "out and about."  I hope the lone kayaker (above) caught a few tasty Redfish! We three put a bunch of miles on our feet, and those feet were mighty glad when we finally got to the car!  Very enjoyable day!

02/12/10 Bye-bye Key West

A "severe weather" thunderstorm heralded our departure the evening before we left. The next morning dawned clear, and I posed in the dining room with a lovely bunch of coconuts! So long Key West - we had a grand time!


02/11/10 Sugarloaf Key bike ride

Key West high temp today is forecast at 61. When we left it was 57, with a brisk NW wind. Chilly, but ideal for riding. The first phase of our ride took us a couple of miles off the road to a (uh-oh) burned-out bridge. (Not noted on our AAA Florida Keys map.) We backtracked the couple of miles to our car, loaded the bikes back on the car and drove to Little Sugarloaf Key.

We parked on Hwy 1 and resumed our ride on a real bike trail which led to the same off-road trail, which led to the other side of the burned out bridge! We took a side road loop (once destined for a subdivision, but the economy nixed that), and found a great place for lunch, including a chaise lounge, plus a bit of owl-art.
Back on the trail, which wound thru a mangrove swamp and was nearly impassable at times, we got to the other side of the burned-out bridge! We love completion. The water is a beautiful color and ripping toward the Atlantic.

Woman disappears into a womangrove forest, finds a good spot at another channel to test the water temp (a little cool, I thought) and, back on the road, we finally came to the end of our ride. Another fine adventure, about 25 miles altogether; a little different than what we originally planned, but lotsa fun nevertheless.

Key deer on Big Pine Key

A couple of endangered key deer, on Big Pine Key, FL - the only place they're found. These little tappers are smaller than all other species of white-tailed deer. They seemed almost tame and didn't seem to be worried or want to run away when we closed in for a photo op. Cute.


Public beach, Boca Chica Key, FL 2/10/10

Jimmy, peeking out from the "doorway." The bedroom?
All kinds of yard art involved in the "house," which had many "rooms."

So surprise us! Strolling along a beach path, we spy one of the tallest stone cairns I've ever seen, and when the path ends, we find ourselves staring at what looked like a junked boat that probably carried illegals from Cuba, and then a sticks and stone "beach house," complete with yard art and even a comfy hammock! Add screaming fighter jets and we chalked this walk up to a Whoa Nellie! (See entry below)

2-10-10 Explore near Boca Chica Key NAS

A simple walk by the water on Boca Chica Key turned loud and dramatic with incoming fighter jets, landing at the NAS pretty much on top of our heads! The final photo between the last two shots didn't turn out... that's because I took it with the jet directly overhead and I panicked with the noise. We were standing just outside the fence, looking at the runway! Jimmy thought the jet in the closeup was the "bad guy." This was quite an experience!


Bike around Key West 2/09 afternoon

Egret walking in La Brisa parking lot. Biker dudes in front of a Coast Guard ship. Big banyan tree.

Bikers on the pier. Art work on the old Customs House. Ibis milling around a park, hopefully eating bugs.

Goofy bikers resting near the waterfront. Taking a bike break at our favorite ice cream parlor. Great sandwiches, too.

After fixing two "resident bikes," we four intrepid friends hit the roads and paths of Key West. Nobody got hurt! Made about 18 miles, which was a long haul for our friends who hadn't been on bikes in forever! Great fun.