Adios, Livingston (for now...) 7/19/09

Dinner at the Rib and Chop House. Our setting! Jimmy still catching fish (threw this one back).

Days are warm and right for tubing! And fishing!

Osprey flies overhead. Our last day at the picnic table, watching two lovers float hand-in-hand.

Our month in Livingston, Montana is over. Initially we wondered if the area would offer enough for us to do in a (whole!) month. We found out, all right. We'll be back....

Next stop: Tallahassee FL for a few months!


Rafting on the Upper Yellowstone River 7/16/09

Where we picked up our kayak.

Deer drinking (and watching us!) in right photo.

Osprey landing in tree, middle photo.

Our weather forecast for Thursday was sunny and 88F, so we reserved a tandem inflatable kayak to zip down the snaky Yellowstone. That morning we packed the deflated kayak & gear into Smartie (surprise!), and put in at Emigrant. Didn't have to do much paddling as the current was still running a fast 5 mph. Three blissful hours later we pulled the kayak out at Mallard's Rest (approx 15 river miles). We had a shuttle service move Smartie for us, quite handy. We enjoyed watching the young buck drinking and osprey's fishing. Didn't see anyone swimming in the chilly 58F water! Wouldn't it be grand to own property on/near the water? You betcha!


West Baldy Basin Trail #44 - 7/15/09

From the trailhead at 5350', the trail drops to Suce Creek, then begins climbing till it reaches the divide between West and East Baldy Basins. We followed the creek for a while, crossed it twice, we left it, then we hooked up with Lost Creek. We ended our hike here (where we would've had to cross it), roughly three miles in at 6200'. The day felt hot, and we ran out of steam on the two long climbs. Along the way were puddling butterflies, colorful flowers, two sneaky-snakes, and four hours of beautiful Montana scenery.


Tallahassee comes to Livingston

Friends, Mickey and Nancy, from Tallahassee stopped for the weekend (7/10-7/12) on their way to Flathead Lake in western Montana where they'll be camp hosts for the summer. We shared dinners (including trout Jimmy and I caught!) and on Saturday, we hiked up to Pine Creek Falls. We had a great time visiting... nice to see former FL neighbors in Montana!



Jimmy catches rainbow trout! Right outside our door, how nice!

Even I catch trout! Pretty exciting fish to hook. Yummy in the tummy, too!

Suce Creek bike ride, Thursday 7/9/09

Beginning the ride up Suce Creek Rd to the trailhead.

Burros we met along the way; aren't they cute? Talking to brother Rus half-way to the top.

Aspens and wildflowers: Beautiful landscape at the (top) trailhead.

At the top. Jimmy on the way down, admiring the view. Two friends I met on the way back.

This was a short (13 miles) bike ride from the C/G, but - holy cow! - 6.5 miles was straight up. We didn't get an early start, packed yummy chicken salad w/crackers for lunch and set off, not knowing exactly where we were going, just up Suce Creek Rd. We knew the ride would be uphill, but didn't know how much. In 6.5 miles, we gained 850 feet! From 4500' to 5350' (gasp) - really got our hearts going. On the way we crossed five cattle guards, had to walk a few times on steep ascents, and otherwise stopped to appreciate the scenery. No one was at the top where the trailhead is, and we ate lunch at a picnic table under the quaking aspens. We rode a blazing fast (heart stopping!) downhill!! And, we still managed to stop for deer, burros, and horses!