Today's Program: July 29th 2012

Well, it wasn't exactly rock 'n roll, but it was a rippin' good time! Picnic & Pops Concert #2 of 3 held in Pioneer Park, Nevada City, 5-7 pm. The weather was ideal for an outdoor show, so we packed a lite supper, grabbed our chairs, and drove down the mountain.

The band numbered 148 strong because musicians from other bands were invited to participate in this one concert - that's alot of horn tootin'! The theme was "Along for the Ride," and the music selected mirrored the theme. Audience and band alike seemed to have a great good time. A few examples of the program: Tramp Tramp Tramp, The Great Locomotive Chase, Baby Elephant Walk, and - get this - Sleigh Ride. Cheryl Woldseth, conductor, donned a muffler for the latter selection and a few wits in the band pulled on Santa caps. The crowd howled!

Speaking of which, I'm sure the band was pleased with the turnout. Jimmy and I estimated 300 to 500 people of all ages enjoying this free entertainment. We tapped our feet and enjoyed our evening!

Cute band logo... esp in the Mother Lode!

A slice of the crowd.

What's a picnic without an ice cream for dessert?

Conductor Cheryl and 148 musicians spilling out of the band shell.

Can you find Jimmy?


Walking on a midsummer's day, Friday, 7/20/12

Such a pretty morning deserved an equally fine walk along our favorite path on the irrigation canal, affectionately known as the "The Ditch." Our pace didn't exactly qualify this as a hike, but we had our moments. This time I took my camera and took a few photos, some of which are shown below.

What a peaceful place to walk! Jimmy up ahead while the photographer lags behind.

Foxglove and fern.

Looking thru the trees at Nevada City on yonder hill.

I've looked in every book and cannot identify this bloom. Anybody know?

Maidenhair fern beside the water.

California Indian Pink.

Sweet pea!

Not much of a take, but these "dark raspberries" were quite tasty. Blackberries are coming along, not quite ripe yet.

Queen Anne's Lace aka wild carrot.
Lovely three-and-a-half mile ramble on the "lower" canal path.


It took us only a little over two weeks of emptying boxes, and both cars fit in the garage! I hope we're not smug - we just do not like living in chaos. Recycled all those boxes, too.


"Mine Shaft"

Every time we drove past the above mural painted on the back of the Del Oro Theater Bldg in downtown Grass Valley (built in 1941), my brain partially registered the meter reader at the bottom who is always on the job. Artist John Pugh's rendition of the Yuba River and a hard-rock gold mine shaft dominates the life-sized, 35-foot-by-35-foot work done in 2006.

Only when I finally saw the 2-dimensional mural up close did I realize the meter reader is part of the mural! He looks real when absent-mindedly seen from a vehicle. Good work! I was amazed!


Constructing the Wilkinson "RV Park!!" 7/16-7/19

We had the room to make a proper parking area for our Tergel (and any visiting RV's), but the area needed assistance! We hired Earth and Road Works to help us.  But first, Jimmy and I had to remove the short rock wall - heavy stones! - and pull out the encroaching (and entrenched) St John's Wort from the driveway.  We gained several feet on each side of the driveway near the street by yanking that invasive stuff out.  And it was an all-day's hard work for the two of us on Monday.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

This is where the RV parking will be. Jimmy lifts another heavy one. I helped, honest!

Here come the machines on Wednesday with Josh and Noel.  Yeehaw, I'm riding the roller! This entire area has to be cleared and leveled.

Piling the St John's Wort out of the way. After working hard, it's good to be a supervisor!

Excavator ripping out a large stump, and pulling dirt from the upside toward the downside of the property.

Flattening the cleared land (not me on the NOISY roller, haha). Ready for gravel.

New packed gravel widens our driveway. (see the rock pile?). These two photos show the guys filling the empty gravel truck with yard debris.

Finishing up on Thursday, leveling and spreading another load of gravel. Rolling it LEVEL.

We parked Tergel down the mountain while the work was being done. And now, doesn't she look fine parked in her new digs!  I don't think the CAT is going to stick around, so there will be room to host another RV. 30 amp electric, water and a sewer hookup are within easy reach. I told the guys if the CAT is here tomorrow, I'll probably take it for a spin around the block!

We're pleased with the job done. Glad it's finished. The men took care not to disturb the native dogwood (behind Tergel) and a lilac bush to the right of the CAT, my only stipulations. I guess we'll eventually move those rock piles and maybe make a new driveway border. No hurry, tho.

How does it look?


Happy Independence Day!! - July 4th, 2012

Beginning at the top of Broad Street, the annual Independence Day parade rolled thru historic Nevada City. The classic hometown parade began almost at the stroke of 2 pm, in the heat of the day, and was attended by thousands of enthusiastic, flag-waving citizens! The sidewalks were jammed, esp on the shady side of the street (where we were). The Nevada County Concert Band played for the crowd with gusto both before and during the parade. Jimmy and I ended up standing so we could see, and after two hours our feet let us know it was time for the show to end.

A couple of the bands earned hearty applause from the crowd: The Nevada Union High School didn't just march by rote along the route, they moved to their music. We all loved that.

We heard the announcer say that the committee paid The Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and Temperance Society, LMTD band to STAY HOME this year (tongue in cheek, uh-huh), but they not only marched close to the beginning of the parade, they came back to much laughter near the parade's end. A big hit.

A few of the more interesting Nevada City adult soapbox derby entries entertained us as they moved down Broad Street - we missed the contest this year, as well as the annual Nevada City Father's Day Bike Classic - but today we watched bike racers sprint around the bright yellow pace car. We had horses and llamas; fire engines galore: new ones and oldies; perky cheerleaders; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, the Peace Party, and tea parties and non-tea parties, and all manner of election year folk on view. Haha, even Waste Management rolled their shiniest big green and yellow truck down the route.

I don't believe I've ever seen so much red, white and blue.

The flags were flying on Broad Street. And the crowd was ready for a parade.

Dressed for dancing to patriotic songs by the Band. Jimmy in yellow stands out in the sea of RW & B. That's where we stood to watch the parade.

This fine old car was in a series of vehicles honoring our nation's military. Even several WWII vets rode in the van. The Scouts kept everyone in $1.00 water. Good thing, the day was warm!

This little guy followed the NC Bike Classic pace car. One of the soapbox derby entries!

Patriotic "do's" in both pictures!

Hope to be in town for the Duck Race in September. Hope ours wins!

Tail end, so to speak, of the E Clampus Vidas procession. I think Uncle Sam was part of the Peace Party.

Here's the Ophir Prison band, all dressed up in their foppish and foolish finery. Hilarious!

And the Lions Club gave out these hand-held flags. I was proud to accept this one