At home... in Daphne AL

We left Van Nuys, CA on Sunday morning, Nov 27th - a clear, sunny day... with a headwind. Seems like we can't cut a break on headwinds! We overnighted in Tonopah AZ, Deming NM, Ozona TX, with a final stop in Beaumont TX at Hidden Lake, a very nice park (more than just a port in the proverbial storm; we plan to go there again). Other than a headwind all the way, we had fine weather; stayed ahead of a cold front blowing in from the west. Made it to my sister and BiL's house in Baton Rouge on Thursday afternoon and had a most welcome break from driving, along with a wonderful visit with them. My sister, Nannie, and I spent some quality time together, combined with shopping - that's a win/win! We took pictures, but none of them turned out to be of "posting" quality. My sister'd kill me if I included any of 'em!

To beat the approaching rain, we needed to leave, so we bade them goodbye last Sunday, Dec 4th, after draining a pot of coffee and reading the Sunday paper. Nobody in their right mind wants to unload and unpack in rain, right? (Bad enough in nice weather!) They promised to come see us after Christmas, and we'll look forward to that.

And unload we did - got most of it done before rain fell. But, what a job! It's like moving. All the stuff we unloaded had to be put away somewhere in the condo or in a storage warehouse we have a few miles away. Refrigerator turned on and filled, plus laundry, clothes put back in closets, plus sorting (out with the old/in with the new), and dust everywhere. Yeech! Well, today is Thursday and the condo is still a wreck because somehow we got involved in yanking books off bookshelves to donate to our library and that turned into an orgy of filling bags with books! Still doing laundry to get dust off afghans and quilts, and somewhere in the equation is Christmas! Next week are dentist and annual doctor appointments. I guess we'll stay busy (oh yeah).

Love being on the road. Over seven months this time; over 10,000 miles: Seeing new places, new faces, scenery so sublime that tears gather in our eyes, new experiences and adventures every day. These things make the packing up and unpacking worth the effort. But now that most of the work is done (well, getting there anyway), we'll hang around Daphne for a while, rest up a bit, spend time with local family and friends, and enjoy our days here. Kinda nice to be home, too. Probably won't blog much till we hit the road again.

Wish everyone Happy Holidays, and Good Wishes to all in the New Year. May Peace, Happiness and Prosperity follow you Always.