Don't much care about watching football...

so, I'll play on the computer for a while. Thought I'd add a few New Year's Day photos. My sister and her husband, and my brother, Rob, were here for dinner, after which we hiked down the hill to the bay [Mobile Bay] waters. We enjoyed mild weather on the first day of 2012, tho by sunset a chill wind chased us back up to the warm condo. Everyone had a fine holiday, ate well - some of us too well - and Nannie & Bubba returned to Baton Rouge on the 3rd. Rob lives across the bay. We had a grand time.

L-R: me, Jimmy, Bubba & Nannie, Rob. Near sunset, brown pelicans settle on pilings for a long winter's nap.

I think the fiery sunset thru the palms looks just as good as it does over the water. Maybe better.

Nannie gave us a 1000-piece cat picture puzzle, which we promptly dumped out onto the coffee table. Notice the outside edges do not form a rectangle! Well, we worked on that dang thing and on it and on it and on it till our fingers cramped, our insides felt permanently squished and our eyes were crossed. Then they left town. No fair leaving an unfinished puzzle! Lucky for us the next day friends from Tallahassee came to stay, and after playing train dominoes for hours, we four gravitated (drawn to it like magnets) to the coffee table with its loose puzzle pieces... and finished the dang thing at 1 am. Hardest puzzle I've ever done. (Gonna give it away now!)

Nothing will do but the next day a new puzzle - from our Tallahassee friends - hits the coffee table... another corker: This one a 500-piece repetitive stamp page puzzle. Looked easy. Same stamps on each (different colored) page. Eieeahhhhh! Hammered the last piece of this puzzle in on Sunday morning (8th). Then we let our friends return home. T'was more fun breaking it apart and stuffing it back in its bag. This, too I will happily give away!

Through with picture puzzles for the YEAR!!!


  1. 300 piece puzzles are about my limit. 1000 pieces is just too many for me!

    1. Hey Judy, can anybody come visit the refuge? I'd love to see the cranes & other birds. We're going to Baton Rouge next week from Mobile and wonder if we can stop...?

    2. Come on over! The refuge and Visitor's Center is open every day except Sunday. We offer tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well. Take exit#61 off of I-10 and go north about .9 miles to the entrance gate. There is parking for big rigs with an easy turn around at the VC. If I'm not working in the VC, just ask someone where I am. It would be good to meet you. Let me know if you have a particular day in mind. :)

    3. How about Wednesday, Jan 25th? It would have to be morning because we have to be in Baton Rouge by 4. We'd be driving the Prius (RV is parked for a while). Would you give the tour or would you join us? Be nice to meet you, too.

    4. I can arrange to give the tour on that Wednesday. The tours begin at 8:00 a.m. Let me know if you want me to sign you up. :)


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