It's a Classic -- Wednesday, 9/21/16

We love living in Nevada City ... there's always something to do here.  Plus, we're only a couple of hours from the Pacific coast and only a little over an hour to Lake Tahoe, with a myriad of places and things to see and do in between.  Today our original plan was to hike in the Sierras, but the high country weather forecast called for clouds and even showers (cold showers, no less), so we decided to walk around Nevada County's fairgrounds instead.  That's always good for a nice walk.  We got lucky today, because they were setting up for the Draft Horse Classic coming this weekend.  Isn't it nice they allow walkers and joggers in while getting ready for a big weekend show?  I took a few pictures.

Lovely hairdo. 

You lookin' at me?

Pucker up ... how about a smooch?

To me, these horses are terrifyingly huge.  Look how the above horse towers over the washer-woman, and she's taller than I am.  Each one of these horses weighs about a ton.  I think this guy is enjoying his bath on such a pretty - warm, but not hot - day.

Nice clean feet.

This horse's pen is a little higher than where I'm standing, but not by much.
They are massive!

Riding in style.  Wait, where's my chauffeur?

Nice horsie.

We didn't count (didn't think to count, either) the number of horses today, but we saw a ton.  Whoops, it's a pun.  Most of them looked like Clydesdales, and they'll be featured in the various venues, such as driving and pulling, singly and in tandem, and so on.  We've never attended, but maybe we'll buy a ticket this year and see what these big dudes can do!

We stopped to watch the cowboy riding his horse around this corral.  No one else was nearby. The man called out to us, "This horse was totally wild 130 days ago."  And as we watched, the horse stopped on command.  They both seemed to be enjoying themselves!  I guess horses can enjoy the moment, huh?

A harvest fair will be held in conjunction with the Classic; you see vendor booths already being put up.  They'll be lots going on.  I think the public can get in free to the grounds, to check out the goodies.  Such an attractive fairgrounds.  The Marigolds this year are beautiful. 

Looks like some pollinating going on.

The End?

No, really, THE END!


  1. Weaves in a horse's mane? Yikes! Why do they not also put a weave in the horses tail hair? Whoe Nellie! Guess no one would want that crappy job.

  2. Those ARE some big dudes! We saw the Budweiser Clydesdales once and those guys are totally massive. Yah, you should go on over there and see the real meaning of "horsepower", eh?

  3. County fairs were big when I was a kid on the farm and I still like go:)

  4. Those horses are big for sure ... I love the captions on the first few photos, but the last one takes the prize :-)

  5. Interesting looking fair. I should check the event calendar for our fairgrounds next year, I never think about it. The Walworth County Fair has been running since 1852 and in the past two decades has seen an impressive list of entertainers on the Grandstand including Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash and the Monkees in the '80's; REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick and Loverboy in the 90's; and at the turn of the century Clint Black and the Beach Boys! Quite a variety there. Of course when I checked their website they have a Christmas craft show tomorrow that I have no hope of attending...have to put it on the calendar for next year!


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