Gentle Giants ... Sunday, Sept 25th, 2015

The days are winging past too fast as the year wanes, flying by like autumn leaves in a gale.  Hard to grasp the later sunrises and earlier sunsets, when it seems like we just celebrated Independence Day. I guess we snapped our fingers and summer slipped through ... *poof* it disappeared.  We had a taste of cool temps last week in NorCal, but summer's heat is hard to get rid of.

Jimmy and I bought tickets for Sunday morning's Draft Horse Classic events at Nevada County Fairgrounds, showcasing "Amateur Reinsmanship, Log Skidding Eliminations, and Farm Implement."  I mentioned the heat and today was a scorcher at 90 degrees, tho it was tolerable beneath the tall trees at the fairgrounds.  Sitting in the blazing sun was a bit much.  The expected crowd didn't materialize and I think the hot weather can be blamed.  The bleachers aren't shaded, but at least we weren't looking into the rising sun.  Nevertheless, watching the "gentle giants" was fun, new for us, too.  

Sleepy fella? 

There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it.
The hardest thing about learning to ride is the ground!
Authors Unknown.

Look at those translucent eyes.  They make the horse look mad, demented.
Never saw a horse with eyes like these.

"Maybe somebody will open the doors and let us out?"

The events started with these white mules and wagon carrying the flags.

This fellow could blow the horn!  "Let the festivities begin." 

This lady won the Amateur Reinsmanship with these beautiful Clydesdales.

While the corral was being set up for the next venue, the mules entertained, or at least the fella above did.  The photo below demonstrated a mule train and how efficient these guys are in some locations. Normally, five mules are used, but you get the idea.  Mules have a certain reputation, but the announcer was full of praises for them. 

Official photographer attire.

Why walk when you can ride behind your horses?

Manes and ladies hair look-a-likes?

Belgians (Big and Strong), Clydesdales (Handsome and Famous) and Percherons (A French Import) were mainly featured in today's events.  I know what a Clydesdale looks like, but I can't tell you for sure which is which on the others.

Can you spot Jimmy in the "crowd?"  Hint -- he's wearing an aqua-colored shirt.

 Log skidding -- it was a toughie for the entrants,
but this lady did it in style in red pajamas!

We liked the following stunts the best.  Billed as Gladius The Show in Las Vegas, these performers on Belgians were amazing to watch.  Imagine standing on (and not falling off) two horses the entire time, and guiding six horses part of the time. 

The Belgians were MOVING, trotting, whatever you want to call it, and nobody fell off.  I have trouble standing on stable ground (ooh, another pun) without tripping or tumping over.

Cute green bows.  The End?  Nah.

With everybody panting like dogs, Lazy Dog Ice Cream had two locations on the fairgrounds, both doing a stellar business.  I had a dark chocolate with Heath crumbles Bar and Jimmy ordered a dark chocolate coffee bar.  Perfect lunch for a hot day.  This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Draft Horse Classic.  It was nice to check it out.


  1. Looks like it was quite a show! 90 degrees though-whew! The stands do look empty which must be frustrating for the performers. I'm sure it's much more satisfying to perform before a full audience.

  2. What fun ... but a shame there were so few in attendance ... I can understand why, though.

  3. I suspect I will see quite a few horses today and tomorrow at the campground. Not so much dodging the droppings, but everything is a compromise!


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