My friend Cricket!

I almost forgot to tell about my ring-necked parakeet friend in Tallahassee. Cricket and I fell in love at first sight a few years ago. Even if I haven't seen him in months and months, he knows me as soon as he sees me... and starts "honking his horn" (I wish I could duplicate it for you) and calling, "Comeer!" Over and over and over. We both like pistachio nuts, too.

Kisses for a friend (while I talk to my sister). Crawling up my sweatshirt.

Cricket also likes feet and shoes - he'll honk and assume his macho look (not shown) at my feet, walking on my sox or shoes. This time, he took it a step further and peeked up my pant leg. (typical male?).

His mom, Diane, (don't tell Cricket, but she's my REAL friend in Tallahassee), said he pined for me when we left for our Daphne condo last week. As Arnie says, I'll be back! Sometime....

Meanwhile, we are up to our eyebrows in what feels like alligator do-do, i.e., filling up boxes. We have boxes EVERYWHERE. Our condo is sold and we're soon off to the WEST to find a new home. Good thing we can live in our motor home while we search!

Wish us luck!


  1. How exciting!! That was our plan, too, except that we forgot to look for a home. I'll add that to our to-do list.

    Get up.
    Have coffee.
    Find home.

    1. Find home with enough room for rocks and geodes!


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