OK - That's it, then -- 3/27/12

HOY! After weeks of sorting, weeding out, making piles to go here, or here, and some for there, and packing much of our worldly goods into assorted boxes - we are finally THERE. We are tired and sore from "toting barges and lifting bales," but it's done. We've delivered our stuff to my brother's house in Mobile AL to store while we hit the road in search of 1) adventure and 2) a new home somewhere.... Perhaps I should reverse the order, but maybe not. We sold our Daphne AL condo last month and as of right now, this moment, we're living in our motor home (a few miles from the condo), something we do for months at a time every year anyway! Not only did we pack up our condo, we had to do the pick 'n choose game of what goes into Tergel and what goes into storage. Don't plan to do this ever again!

After tying up loose ends the next coupla days, we'll begin our westward trek on Friday, stopping first in Baton Rouge to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law. We always stop with them coming and going. Sad to say this time we have a memorial service to attend (his beloved Mom passed away last week). Then, we'll continue heading west till we, I guess, stop.

Yikes! Reminiscent of move-in day!

When it looks this bad, it just makes you crazy!

And look at Mickey, for heaven's sake, resting in my egg poacher! And a butterfly on a bread pan. No, No, No, don't put me in a box! Don't close the box! Help!
Hey, Mick - it won't be forever!

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  1. Your photos reminded me of how horrible it is to have to make all those decisions. At the end, you are just cramming things in here and there... ugh! And then - it's done! Off you go! It's all behind you!

    We'll be in Sacramento for all of April. Maybe we'll see you in the area? Safe travels.


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