And while we wait to move in... first week in June 2012

In the past month, while parked in Grass Valley CA, we have seen three AMAZING sky phenomenon - the beautiful, huge full pink moon on May 5th, a - WOW! - "ring of fire" solar eclipse on May 20th, and now the Transit of Venus late yesterday afternoon - photo below. (What would the ancient Mayans say about this?) Lucky we caught this last one, 'cause the next one isn't till December 2117. Just as cool: We got pictures of each occurrence!

Venus looks like a wart on the sun, but seeing this thru a telescope was an extraordinary experience! The smaller dark spots are sunspots!


A great little movie house on Mill Street in downtown Grass Valley, where we saw Men in Black III in 3D. Good flick, especially after Jimmy explained the ending to me. Mill Street is also where other events take place, such as Thursday Night Marketplace - food, fun, and music - nice! Since we have time on our hands, we also went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the Sutton Theater in Grass Valley. Really liked that movie! Recommend it!

We had to look up the busking word - it means the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities. The sign didn't work - we saw two "buskers" last Thursday!

So many beautiful bouquets for sale at every grower's market. When we move into our house, I'll buy a bouquet!

Today is June 6th (D-Day) and our realtor (and new friend!), Lynn Griggs of Coldwell-Banker, Grass Roots Realty, just handed us the keys to our house in Nevada City! Oh, yay! The waiting game is over - we can move in! We are so EXCITED!


  1. So tickled for you. I somehow misplaced your email about the motorhome shed. Yes, it does hold up under the snow load, but Mo said if she were to do it again she would get one with a roof with the metal sections placed vertically rather than horizontally so we didn't have to blow needles off of it all the time. The brand is forgettable, she just went to Big R and they had contractors there that do metal buildings and they showed her choices and she had it built. You won't get the snow load in Nevada City that we have here, and not for as long either. The white flower is deerbrush, a ceanothus that indicates that you live in a cooler part of the motherlode. We used it as an indicator plant when mapping soils in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties. I would imagine that you are probably just at the edge of the poison oak zone. I could get out of it around 3800 feet elevation. Your photos reminded me of all those years I spent working in that area. Nice.

  2. Beautiful Flowers! Glad to hear you are keyed up bout your new house.

  3. lynnie9:17 AM

    congrats on your return to cali roofie! and welcome jimmy - we like your kind here! bet ur painting right now - then comes the cross country move - good luck and see you later in the year when we go to yosemite. i really enjoyed the marigold hotel movie too!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    as i said previously - congrats on your move back to cali and welcome jimmy to paradise - we like ur kind. who knows what happened to my last snappy comment - ttyl - lynnie


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