Decided on one more day! Thursday, 01/29/2015

Footloose and without any set-in-concrete plan, and because we've had such a good time exploring the area, we decided to stay one more nite at the Elks Lodge in Napa.  How cool is that?  Today we wanted to visit the quaint town of St Helena, located just a bit north of Napa on Hwy 29.  We didn't need anything, but that has nothing to do with anything!  It's fun to look around the various shops and homes, esp on a pretty day.

The ding-ding is down, and here she comes again! 

 These flowering pear trees have exploded ... filling the air with dense white clouds of blooms.

While traipsing along St Helena's Main Street, we stopped to look at the menu (below), it being displayed by the sidewalk.  This was an indoor/outdoor cafe, with a middle-aged couple sitting outside near the sidewalk.  They had their pet with them, not so unusual, but this was their pet bird:  a cute li'l green-cheeked conure, which is a medium-sized parrot.  I'll just cut to the chase, and tell you that I ended up with their bird on my outstretched finger and I would've taken him home!  He was a sweet, tame bird (and his wings were clipped).  Jimmy and I visited with the couple and their pet till their lunch was brought and then we went on our way.  The food looked intriguing.

About a half-hour later on the other side of the street, Jimmy asked if I was getting hungry.  (silly question!) "Where would you like to eat?" he asked.  "Wanna try the place with the bird?"  The upshot is we returned to the Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen for lunch.  I ordered the first menu item and Jimmy picked the third one, and we shared.  I can tell you the food was delicious!  What's notable about it is, this is another type of food neither of us had tried.  So, we've had an international lunch cuisine week -- Monday we ate Mexican, Tuesday was the Portuguese, and today was Sherpa.  Each one was delicious.  Maybe the Swedish meatball lunch I had at IKEA on our way home Friday counts, too?  Nice to try new things.

Every square inch of available land is planted in grape vines.  Really makes the area appealing to the eyes. 

 Some of the vineyards had these low-growing calendula look-a-likes growing between rows.

Stately Olive trees, with gnarly ol' trunks, lined this particular road. 

So ended our week's getaway in the Napa Valley.  We recommend!

On Saturday, after we were home, I bought bird seed at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Grass Valley, and signed a free raffle ticket for their 15th anniversary give-away.  The drawing was yesterday.  This morning I picked up my prize!  A beautiful decorative $30.00 glass feeder with a five-pound bag of seed.  Nice! 

Pretty, isn't it?  BTW, the weather folk announced that this January in NorCal was THE driest January since records have been kept.  NO rain fell in what should be one of the wettest months of the year.  There's very little snow left in the Sierra Nevada mountains, either.  We're hoping that will change this weekend, with a good wet storm.  Looks like the mid-country and the New England states are getting all the moisture by way of big snows! Guess my older brother who lives outside of Boston won't be out riding his bicycle any time soon! 


  1. I look forward to hearing how the birds like the new feeder. It's a beauty. Here is how old I am: when I grew up in southern California, we lived in a new suburb, and I passed both orange groves and fields of wild mustard as I walked to school (sometimes with my sisters, sometimes alone!). The long shot of the vineyard bursting with yellow reminded me of those days. What a nice visit you have had!

  2. Mighty nice bird feeder! Plus it was free! You got some kinda good luck, sister! Looks like Bubba and I will have to follow your footsteps all over northern California, and thanks for paving our way...... :)


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