Images at Dhulikhel Old Town, Sunday afternoon 10/18/15

Lovely venue for Sunday's lunch.  I could barely make out a snow-capped peak through the clouds, but you had to look carefully.  I was intrigued by the birds flying, also.  Very nice lunch.

Mmmm, delish fruit salad.

Our guide called this an Egyptian Vulture "wulture," but it looks more like a raptor.  Black Kite?  Steppe Eagle?

After lunch, our little bus drove us to Old Town Dhulikhel, where we walked the cobbled laneways, looked at intricate carvings, hidden temples, thriving market squares, and generally lost ourselves in time.

I only thought driving in Tibet was a trip.  Nepal tops it, hands down.

This barefoot lady was "walking" purposefully in the grain (rice, I think).

Then she swept little lanes in the grains with her handmade broom.

The tethered goat made an appearance.  I'm sure that goat doesn't know his days are numbered.

The charcoal seller's wife and two children.  Mom was rubbing mustard oil on the baby's scalp (from the finger bowl).  A small amount of oil is usually heated first.  Mustard oil massage of newborns is an integral component of traditional care practices in many Nepalese communities.  Only very rarely will a newborn be massaged with oil that has not been heated, even during the hot season.

Notice the shirt?

The building wasn't sturdy before the earthquake.  Now I wouldn't go inside on a bet.  Jimmy is helping.

A street gamin looking on at a street game of cards.

Load 'em up!  It's festival time!

Tomorrow we return to Kathmandu.  Two nights at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel, and a whole host of new adventures!  And, I'm not kidding.


  1. So beautiful, and fascinating!

  2. whew since we are hanging out in Brookings today, and I am on a campground slow bandwidth, I have been reading backwards. You are right, you are NOT kidding! What an incredible trip.

  3. Great shots of the kids, especially the two boys sitting on the step.

  4. Mickey sure gets around! Nice photos of life on the streets.


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