Sunday afternoon in Paro -- 10/26/15

After our group of 11 got to Paro, Bhutan, and checked into Tashi Namgay Resort, our bus drove us to the central area of Paro for a look-around and to shop if we cared to.  One of the first things we saw was horses cropping grass in an empty lot near the sidewalk.  We didn't bother them and they didn't bother us.  All of us enjoyed walking along the streets and poking in and out of the small stops, even if much of the same stuff was for sale in each.  Some of us even bought souvenirs.

Then we spotted this handsome li'l guy, sitting in an open window, who wanted to play ... children everywhere love to play peek-a-boo.  Scenes like these make a foreign land seem nearer and dearer, and the day brighter.

Because Tashi Namgay Resort is opposite Bhutan's only international airport, we were able to watch this Drukair plane take off from our room.  It's a narrow lane between mountain ranges that the planes have to negotiate while they climb.  Luckily, the airport doesn't operate at night.

The resort is set amid five acres of lush foliage and green lawns.  Again, the unique architecture of this tiny mountainous country was evident as soon as we pulled in, yet the rooms offered all the amenities of a modern resort.  The buildings are set apart from each other, offering a calm and restful environment, and use solar lights, wood shingle roofing, and mud-brick walls.  

In the lobby, the stylized architectural design was gorgeous. 

Because we wanted a large single bed (rather than two twin-sized beds), Jimmy and I lucked up and were placed in a suite with living area, mini-kitchen, dressing area and bathroom, as well as the lovely bedroom above. Actually, this was one-half of a cottage.  Heated floors were nice!  I really, really wanted to roll up this rug and take it home.  It wouldn't fit in my luggage even if I threw everything else out, but I sure thought about it.

Before dinner, we moseyed around the landscaped grounds and down to the river (Pachu), which is sandwiched between the resort and the airport.  The Pachu rises out of a mountain in the Himalayas and the glacial water plunges thru alpine meadows and deep gorges before descending into the Paro valley.  Where we were, the river was lively and cold, and tho shallow, it carried a swift current.  We didn't see any trout, but I betcha it would be a good trout river.

Yup, cold.

I sat facing this wonderful chandelier and ceiling during dinner ... it hangs above the curved staircase that leads from the lobby to the dining room.

And THIS was our "debriefing" about tomorrow's hike.  It's kinda clear as mud.  We'll be up early in the morning to eat breakfast and get on the bus.  We're supposed to arrive at the parking lot by 8 am.  So ... tomorrow is 
The Big Day!


  1. I bet when it rains in the mountains that river can get quite rough.

  2. Love following your trip to Bhutan. It is a country on our list of many to visit. The scenery has been been beautiful and I loved that huge sitting Buddha from your post the other day. I can't even imagine what it will look like when it is all finished.

    Your bedroom looks lovely and comfy. So glad that you are enjoying your trip.


  3. Another lovely resort ... and that little guy is a charmer.


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