When it's over, it's over. Friday, Aug 5, 2016

Jimmy and I have been at home in Nevada City for close to two weeks, and we have been as busy as those proverbial bees, possibly busier.  I discovered these pictures in my camera last Sunday and wanted to share them with you.  All, except the last two, were taken from Tergel as she cruised along, and because every bug in a sixteen-mile radius had smooshed themselves on her windows, oh-my-gosh, those windows were a mess.  Sorry.  But, the scenery was worth the try.

We left Livingston, Montana on Friday, 7/22.  From Bozeman, we followed the scenic Gallatin River south to West Yellowstone, a most stellar drive, though we both wished for turnouts on the west side (river side) of the road.   It would have been nice to pull in to let the speed jockeys zoom by, and we could have taken our time to admire the surroundings without feeling the hot breath of a SUV or pick-up truck on our necks.  Heck, we also wished we could drop a fishing line in the Gallatin -- we know there's trout in them-thar waters!

Rafting must be good on the swift Gallatin.
Aside from those unused (above), we spied plenty of colorful rafts in the water.

This picture makes my eyes crazy.  If it looks fuzzy, it is, because you're looking at a lot of dead trees obscuring the rocks.  Looking at, but not really seeing -- that's what makes it fuzzy.  Bark beetle damage in some areas we've been to is extensive.  

We made our way into volcanic territory in Idaho, zipping past weird piles of black rock, dotted with sagebrush ...

... and descended from mountainous terrain to ranch lands.

With a quick shot of the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls from Perrine Memorial Bridge on Hwy 93.

On Saturday, the 23rd, we left any pretense of trees altogether, dipping into Nevada's dry, rocky and barren landscape, traveling on I-80.  Still, there's lots to look at, I think.  These jumbled-up rocks appear like they could tump right over, but you know it ain't gonna happen.

I always wonder (and usually voice it) if Tergel will fit inside these tunnels.  I think I duck my head, too!  Well, you see I'm typing this post, so you know Tergel fit and we made it home safely.   The yellow sign declares that the tunnel may be icy if lights are flashing.  It was not icy.  Think HOT -- it's summer!

Sophie looks perky! 

Son and DiL, Matt and Jenny, came up from Sacramento last Sunday, the last day of July.  Lucky them, they picked the coolest day of the week.  We've had scorching, blistering temps since our return to NorCal.  Today (8/5) is the first day that Nevada City hasn't been over 90, and most of those were in the 98 degree range!  Seriously dislike!

Maggie, the photo-bomber!

I tallied up some numbers the other day, it being too hot to go outside.  In our ten weeks on the road, we put 7,307 miles on Tergel, to Boston and back.  That's a bunch of miles!  Tergel consumed 932 gallons of gas, for a total cost of $2,052, at an average price of $2.24/ppg.  Thus is much, much better than previous years when gas prices hovered around three bucks/gallon and, worse, when gas prices actually averaged over $3.50/gallon!

Circumstances, as well as hot weather dictated we park in campgrounds where we had electric hookups after temperatures soared.  We really enjoyed our Harvest Hosts stays and plan to use them much of the time when we can.  It's been our experience that they're located in interesting places and/or feature intriguing sights.  They also have HH sites in Canada, which we hope to check out next year.

So, that's the deal.  It's over.


  1. Kind of amazing with all the miles you covered on your horse to the barn trip home that you managed to take so many photos. I think August is the worst time to be out west actually. Sigh. Fires are showing up now. We were lucky this year and had no smoke at all through the entire month of July. Glad you are home. Hot. Well....it is just hot in the Mother Lode. Loved seeing the cute photos of the kids and the pup. We are still away from the mail and the real computer, but will be there by the weekend. Hugs to both of you.

  2. Really enjoyed following along on your trip! You take much better pictures out the window than I do. :-D

  3. All good things must come to an end ... welcome back home. You did well with the on-the-fly photos.

  4. Great scenery! We have joined Harvest HOsts but not had a chance to use them. We were on the road all last month, but also needed the AC and most of the HH locations are without power nad felt it would be imapproate to run the generator.

    1. Yep, unless you're on the coast with cool temps and fine breezes, it's simply too summer-hot to not run the A/C -- at least in my opinion! We have stayed at one or two that allowed us to hook up to power, which was nice. You will like HH when you stay with them.


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