Another week rolls by ... Sunday, Aug 28, 2016

Our Mobile AL stay has extended to three weeks now, three very productive, and precious, weeks. Released from the hospital last Monday, with outpatient radiation continuing, Rob's cancer seems to be responding to the radiation blasts.   His house is just about ready to put on the market, and after a couple more major items are taken care of this week, we'll get a realtor involved.

Manatee Mailbox - cute.

Last Sunday, Jimmy and I got out early for an hour's walk along Dog River.  Except for our clothes sticking to us because of the muggy heat, we enjoyed being out, at least initially.  But by the time we returned to Rob's house, we were breathless and drenched in sweat.

Towering clouds reflecting in Dog River build early, usually leading to afternoon thunder-boomers.

We disturbed a raccoon family running through someone's front yard, Mom and her four young'uns.  This little guy climbed a tree and was left behind.  But, not for long -- he dropped to the ground and scampered after the others.  Nice of it to pose prettily for a photo op before it ran away.

Mandevilla vines naturally twine and are often found encircling rural mailbox posts.  Their scent is very sweet and their brilliant flowers add a real tropical flair to the overall green landscape.  I think they're gorgeous.

Nannie left her flooded and all-but-gutted Baton Rouge home for a short visit to see Rob.  It was like "old home week" with the three siblings and Jimmy, and we had such a good time together.  We were all together in June, but so much has happened in the meantime, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Rob had saved coins in coffee cans.  No bank or credit union accepts unrolled coins, so we spent part of Saturday rollin', rollin', rollin'!  Four pairs of hands got the job done handily.  Remind me to never save coins.

As Jimmy and I are trying to get Rob's house shipshape, Nannie showed up with boxes of books and CD's and curtains to wash and a microwave to store.  These were books that didn't get wet in the flood, but it was time to go through them and cull out the unwanted ones.  Right now space is at a premium.  Till their home is put back together, the few things they were able to save have to be stored somewhere that's air conditioned.  She took most of her things back to Baton Rouge today to store at a friend's high-and-dry home.  She plans to return here tomorrow or Tuesday.  There isn't much she can do at her house till the wood (studs) is certified "dry."  (sorry I lopped off yer head, Nannie!)

The four of us took time out Saturday night to eat a nice dinner at Olive Garden (nobody wanted to cook).  We even brought home a portion of Nannie's lasagna, which made a fine addition to this evening's meal.  My chicken marsala is in the foreground; it was very yummy.

Before Nannie left this morning, we did a lot of brainstorming, formulating options and making decisions.  With much of the family pulling together, it's all falling into place, and a lot easier than trying to go it alone.


  1. Blessed to have two intrepid-decrepit-travelers helping me through a real low point in my life. There is no way to express the depth of thanks and gratitude I owe to both Nickie & Jimmy.

  2. So great that you could be there to help:)

  3. So good to see you all together, and even smiling in the midst of it all. I love Mandeville, even grew one as an annual once in snow country. Was shocked the first time I saw them growing on a house in Florida.

  4. We all work well together and have fun doing it. Lots of laughing and foolishness, even while doing a lot of hard work.


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