A morning diversion? Yes. Saturday, 12/31/16

We awoke to cloudy skies again today, wet pavement, and the very real possibility of more showers this morning.  For Jimmy and me, it sounded more like an inside day, rather than sitting outside on bleachers to watch the "electrifying" Bandfest, to be held at Pasadena City College stadium, tho the event was part of our Adventure Caravans package.  So, he and I opted out.  (Of course, we later heard it was a great experience and it didn't actually rain ... just sprinkled.)

The day before, however, Jimmy discovered the Wally Parks Motorsport Museum (NHRA) a block away from our campsite at the Pomona Fairgrounds.  Oh boy, he knew that's where he wanted to spend his morning, and with no time constraints, he was one happy camper! Since we have no Internet at the fairgrounds, I drove to the nearby KOA to use their net. We were both satisfied with our choices.  If you're not interested in cars or looking at car photos, feel free to skip to the next post.  Below are the pictures he took (and picked to be posted on our blog):

(I stuck this one in, 'cause I liked it.  Don't tell.)

We were both back by lunch time -- pizza served in the big tent (yum).  This evening our group will go out and celebrate New Year's Eve in style!

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  1. So glad that you had something to do that was fun and entertaining for both of you. Someone has to stay home and blog around here! :)


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