What are you doing ... 12/31/16

... New Year's, New Year's Eve?  We're going to a dinner show at Center Stage in Fontana, all arranged by Adventure Caravans.  Most of the RV group put on their glad-rags (love that figure of speech), looking festive for the occasion, and feeling pretty cheery, too, despite the wet weather.

We were grateful that we didn't have to drive.  The coach picked us up at 5pm and delivered us to our destination near 6pm.  I know that's early for many merrymakers, but we're the over-the-hill set, and this time frame suited us to a "T."  

Trust me, I reduced the amount of red color in all these pictures as much as I could.  Red ceiling lights, plus red chairs and booths, altered everything -- even our coffee looked red. We could sit where we wanted, with no assigned seating.  Above, at this table, Jimmy and I are at left, with Sue and Mo in the middle, and Dot and Mel Bolton on the right.  As people do at a shindig like this, you get to talking.  Well, Mo used to teach school in Pacifica CA, and -- small world -- Dot and Mel live in Pacifica, and -- the world gets smaller -- Mo taught their kids and grandkids!  All of this was revealed tonight, so you know they had an old-home-week blast.  Amazing.

We didn't know what to expect, but let me tell you, Holiday Follies put on a terrific show, with a really likable cast.  The young men and women did double duty as dinner wait-staff, but song and dance was incorporated with serving the food.  Not easy to describe, but it was very cool.

Billed as a holiday spectacular, the show features current arrangements of holiday classics as well as some traditional melodies.  Above, a Dolly Parton skit had everyone "rolling on floor, laughing."

This particular parody was the best.  I can't repeat the lyrics (can't remember them, either), but good grief, this was hilarious.  A lament about why the angel had a tree stump stuffed in its rump or something to this effect.  You can imagine the crowd's response.

The festivities lasted till 9pm, and included a delicious meal (salmon for me and Jimmy), lots of singing, dancing and hilarity.  Nine o'clock PST equates to Midnight on the East Coast, when the ball drops at Times Square.  Seconds before 9pm, the countdown began, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, and exactly at 9, champagne glasses were lifted and toasts were made to the new year.  What a fun way to end 2016; we had a great time.  No driving home for us; our magic coach delivered us to our rigs, which was perfect.  The evening was wonderful.

Tomorrow?  No rose parade on Sunday.  Wait till MONDAY!


  1. So glad that you took all those photos! For some reason I didn't take nearly as many of the show as you did. Seems as though I have the theater thing, thinking I am not supposed to do that, even though no one said it wasn't OK. Thank you, Nickie, for helping us have some fun photo memories of a very fun night.

  2. Looks like fun! We were in bed before the midnight since we had tremdous storms and local events were pretty much a diaster.


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