Bye-bye, January 2017

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January 2017 has been one of the wettest on record for Northern California, but not THE wettest ever. Nevada City received 22.31" of precipitation (rain and snow) in January, and 50.37" for the entire rain year (July 1st to June 30th) ... so far, that is!  February looks to be wet, also, at least the beginning.  (Our local newspaper this morning -- February 1st -- reported January's precipitation as 25.93", so let's just say January was WET.)

Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor
Photo from Nevada County Weather - the Original

Above, you see the top of the base of Pioneer Monument at Donner Memorial State Park is 22 feet? That was the height of the snow-pack in 1846-47, that fateful winter when the Donner party tried to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  That's a lot of snow!  As of the 26th (this year) their snow-pack measured 5.5 feet, which is pretty impressive in its own right.  More is on the way, though the next snow will probably fall in February!

January set a record for snowfall in the Tahoe-Truckee region, with a total 237 inches in Soda Springs (elevation 6,768'), surpassing the previous record of 159 inches in January 1973. That's over 19 feet!

Although I don't have any technical data to share from our place, I have a few snow photos of my own to share, all taken in our yard ....

These pictures (in our yard) are from various snowstorms in January.

Looks heavy on that tree branch.

This Pacific Dogwood is wearing a different guise of white blossoms!

No grilling in January!

We both worked to clear the driveway.

Above and below:  This snow from this storm was so wet and heavy, that as the temperature rose a bit, big plops of snow fell from the trees, and you'd better hope that a) you weren't beneath one of these mini-avalanches, or b) you had on a jacket with a hood! 

After clearing the driveway one day, more snow fell in the night, and we were back out shoveling the next morning, 'cause we knew we needed to use the car that day.

Finally, on Sunday, Jan 29th, with much of the snow gone, the day warmed enough for us to consider walking on the canal trail (without freezing to death, wussies!).  This time we chose a new route, which started out fine ... and then you see we were trudging through snow!  But, the sun felt soooo good (hello, Vitamin D).

You had to go around this giant in the middle of the trail.

Here's a shot I took this afternoon about 1pm, and that's what's left of our snow pile from the Jan 23rd storm.  Rain is forecast for all of the upcoming week 😕, which will put an end to this pile.  NorCal is no longer in a "drought," and rain is welcome in the Golden State, but, another whole week of it?  Good thing we have plenty to read!


  1. Did you expect snow like this when you decided to move to this part of California? That looks almost like Rocky Point snow...but not quite. Nice thing about the California foothills, when the snow comes, it is lovely, and it usually melts early. Hopefully none of that draggin on snowing in May thing that we get in Rocky Point. Of course, at the moment we in Grants Pass, no snow, but cold foggy yuk. Now the same storm you are getting will be bringing rain to us as well. Love your snow photos. Many a time I have been out shoveling and had one of those things drop right down my neck from the trees. Very wet plops, and yes, they are heavy! stay warm!

    1. No, I don't think either of us knew what we were in for when we moved to NorCal in the California foothills. Jimmy loves the snow. Me, not so much!

  2. Been a long time since you have endured a "winter" like this!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous to look at, but ... brrrrrr. Glad to hear the drought is over. That must have been pretty scary.

  4. Those pictures make me so glad I am in FL:)

    1. *Snort* I'm kinda wishing I was in FL right now, too, as rain, and more rain, is falling on us. Feast or famine is the California way, I guess. We are feasting now!

  5. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I love to look at your blog. The pictures are so beautiful. Your narrative with the picture is very interesting. I followed the blog posts of your trip to Australia and New Zealand. I enjoyed the posts of your trip to Pasadena and the Rose Parade.


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