A welcome day of sunshine! Sunday, 02/12/17

Gung hay fat choy!  Gosh, with everything that's been going on in Northern California for the past month, Jimmy and I were overjoyed to see El Sol on Sunday!  Everyone loved this break in the weather and the glorious sunshine that prevailed for the Chinese New Year parade and festivities ... oh, yes, such serendipity.

Bad enough that our national political scene is chaotic and making many of us crazy, much of our local news has not been good.  A headline on this morning's newspaper (The Union in Grass Valley) read:  "Under blue skies, storm-related havoc persists." We've seen one storm after another slam NorCal, resulting in flooding, sink holes, landslides, ruined roads, major road closures, and people whose duck feet tolerance has run out.

Since Jimmy and I returned from Pasadena on Jan 8th, it has snowed a couple of times and then rain, rain, and more rain, often accompanied by wild winds.  We'd wake up to gray, gloomy drippy skies and go to bed under the same conditions.  According to the paper, Nevada City's "normal precip to date is 34.07 inches."  As of this date, 64.08 inches of precip has unloaded on Nevada City, two-thirds of it in the last month, and the wet season is still in full swing.  Atmospheric rivers is what the weather folk are calling these back-to-back storms.

What's queer about all this wet stuff is it follows five years of extreme drought.  At first, everyone cheered when rain was forecast, but the cheering stopped and the rainy weather wore mighty thin when damage reports began ... and it all became TOO MUCH.

We hit the "like" button seeing dancers and costumed lions and dragons doing their thing in the street; it was great fun.  Lots of kids were present and watching intently.  Quite a nice turnout for our little town.  Drumming and dancing were part of the featured afternoon program, but we left after the parade. 

Lions and dragons stole the show! 

Each one of these critters stomped a head of lettuce and then "chewed it."  Next, each threw little lettuce leaves into the audience.  Apparently if you caught some, you'd have a prosperous year.  I'm down with that; Jimmy pocketed a small piece!

Well done!

The guy on the far left isn't in costume....

Aloha!  Hawaiian dancers getting ready to perform.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I last left you, Tergel was in the shop getting her broken slide fixed.  That was Jan 12th.  We picked her up (in the rain) on Feb 7th or 8th, almost a month later, but the slide now goes in and out as it's supposed to.  The culprit was a bad controller.  Nice to have her back, tho we weren't planning on using her any time soon.  Seemed weird to look out where Tergel is normally parked and she was gone!  A gigantic puddle took over her spot.

I understand sunlight provides Vitamin D, which every body needs 😏.  Desperate to soak in some of that sweet Vitamin D, Jimmy and I hit the Deer Creek Tribute Trail after the parade.  Deer Creek runs through Nevada City and is the baddie that flooded our favorite Nevada City restaurant, Lefty's Grille, not once but twice, in January and in February, which hardly seems fair.  Right now, the creek is noisy and ripping along at a breakneck speed, but not flooding.  We've never seen it like this.

This trail leads to a fine new Chinese Bridge across Deer Creek.
Seems fitting that we'd hike here today on Chinese New Year.

At Stocking Flat, Deer Creek Canyon opens up to a broad floodplain, and here flood waters made swirling designs in the mud high above the creek's normal bed, and depositing a wall of sand at the terminus.  We checked over a pile of small rocks to see if any gold might've gotten stuck between the rocks, but we weren't fooled for a minute by sparkly dots of iron pyrite.  It was a leisurely and lovely hike following a flat Newtown Canal path most of the way, a good thing for Jimmy who is thinking his right knee is the next one to be replaced.  

Who knew a couple of Pussy Willow shrubs existed down by the creek?  Someone or some critter had already torn off branches, so I helped myself to a few.  I grew up with a nice-sized Pussy Willow shrub at our creek in Niagara Falls and loved to feel the fuzzy, fluffy catkins.  Soft, like a kitty-cat.

I'm writing this post on Monday, after a hectic 24-hour period involving the Oroville Dam emergency spillway failure.  Yesterday, an immediate evacuation of Yuba City, Marysville and other communities downstream from the Oroville Dam was ordered, affecting close to 200,000 people.  These poor people are still in evacuation shelters or staying with friends or relatives while crews work to control erosion and avert disaster.  We are safe and not in harm's way, but I sure feel sorry for everyone involved in this.  Holy Toledo, enough rain already -- what a scary mess.

I just checked our 10-day forecast.  Good lord, it calls for another solid week of off/on rain, Thurs-Thurs.  Shoot me.


  1. Good to hear the slide is fixed. All those bright costumes don't give a hint of all the rain you have dealt with.

  2. Nice day in the sun! LOVE the pussy willows, which do not grow down here; pet one for me.....


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