Almost spring ... Sunday, 3/19/17

Now!  I'm finally getting used to typing/writing the correct year:  2017.  It's become an automatic for a retiree who doesn't know what day it is half the time, and doesn't give a hoot!  Flowers in our yard are beginning to show signs of awakening, tho much delayed from previous (drought) years.  Also, two weeks ago our landscape was covered in a half-foot of snow!  Not sure if I'll get any blossoms from the azalea in the front, since those pesky deer ate the buds.  BTW, azalea is on the "deer don't eat" list -- haha.  A couple of daffy-dills are up and blooming, so it looks like yellow will be the first color of spring. 

Yellow-flowering Forsythia is healthy and colorful,
thanks to deer-protecting netting around the plants.
This is for you, Nannie.

Oh my goodness, lucky me, blessed to hold this precious four-day-old granddaughter so soon!  Matt and Jen and Everly Rose came home from the hospital Friday afternoon, after six long days.  Trying to rest in a noisy hospital isn't possible, and they were grateful to be released.  Now they can rest and heal naturally at home ... Jen is only four days post-op.  I made dinner for the kids Sunday morning, and Jimmy and I packed everything in the car and bustled on down to Sacramento for an afternoon/evening get-together.  Sacramento registered a warm 77 degrees!

Everly Rose has a touch of jaundice, but she's pretty, regardless.  She's very active, too, and stayed awake for quite a spell in the afternoon.  Likes to move her arms, waving and suchlike.  Looks like Matt needs a tonsorial visit soon, but as a new dad, he has to find the time!

Little Everly seems very content in Jimmy's lap.

Sweet little toes!  What a lovely day we had.

Back in Nevada City ... (Above and below)  I have two large shrubs, one in (fenced) back and one in the front that the deer don't bother, but I don't know it's name.  The flowers are perfume!  While it's blooming, you can smell the fragrance long before you see the shrub, and the flowering begins in late winter.  I keep a vase in the dining room with several flowering stalks in it, and love it's delightful sweetness.

Tiny wildflowers that popped up in the yard this week, but I'm clueless here, too.

One part of a monstrous Oregon Grape plant below our deck.  Looks like I'll have a good crop of grapes.  Wonder if I'd have enough to make jam?  I guess I'll Google it. 

Tomorrow -- Monday -- is the Spring Equinox.  Jimmy and I have decided to drive up to the Sierras and eat lunch in Truckee, and see how high the snow pack is.  If we don't go in the morning, we'll have to wait a long time, 'cause another series of storms is set to commence tomorrow afternoon, with heavy rain and a mixture of snow/rain in the mountains.  Later in the week, more snow will dump on the Sierras. How wonderful for the skiers and snow parks, businesses that cater to the skiers, and especially terrific to fill our reservoirs and aquifer.  But, we'll just get a bucketful of rain in Nevada City this go'round, adding to our already overwhelming seasonal total.


  1. What a precious little girl looking up at you already with adoring eyes. Such wonderful photos of your family and your time with them. Beautiful. Your plant might be a variegated Skimmia japonica, I had one in Klamath Falls. They have a wonderful fragrance and make pretty berries. Oregon grape jam?? ewwwww. those "grapes" are pretty tasteless, but then you can make jelly out of just about anything. Hugs to you both.

    1. Nope, this shrub provides no berries, just those fantastic perfumed flowers.

  2. A very special time. they grow up so fast-enjoy:)

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I love your blog! I bet you're just bursting with smiles and joy with Everly Rose !!!! She is lovely.

    Enjoy the moments. Already she is changing in your blog photos but will always be PINK!


  4. Oh how lovely the forsythia is! Wish it would grow for me here, but alas. Too hot.
    Also, how lovely is Everly all snug and contented in your arms. So sweet. Worth the wait!
    Love you!


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