Cutest baby Ever(ly)! Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This post represents several days.  Above and below are scenes from a long hike Jimmy and I took on Monday, the 27th.  From our house, we can walk to a road with mountain views, as above.  I'm not sure which mountains these are, closer to us than the high Sierras, and yet still snow-covered.  Cool beans!  The sky looks cloudy, or partly cloudy, no doubt leftover from Sunday's rains, but we felt safe from any potential precipitation ... till we were nearing home and it began sprinkling!  It didn't last and we didn't melt.  Whew!

Take a peek at this gorgeous yard, with the same snowy mountain view as above.  Spring has sprung at elevations below the snow. The people who live here have the most beautiful grounds, including fields of daffodils (below).  I wouldn't mind living here! 

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day, Tuesday, we ventured to Sacramento again.  Would you imagine we might be making more trips down the hill?  We have an extra-special reason for the trip nowadays ... I'll show you a few photos of her, our dear Everly Rose.

Yes, indeedy, she is a sweetheart.  A Rose by any other name is Everly.

Gramma here got to cuddle and coo for a long time, while others were doing what they needed to do.  My pleasure!  Everly is only 13 days old, and already a wiggle-worm.

I got to gaze at this bonny little face while she was sleeping in my arm.  So sweet.

 Pretty blue eyes.

Jimmy thought he'd take a rest on the deck (covered) lounge.
He and Matt had been working outside. 

Their red Maple trees are in full glory today!

What a happy and cozy -- but very tired! -- family.

I cooked dinner, Jimmy and I cleaned up the kitchen, and then we made ready to leave. Everyone was tired, including us.  We left about 8:30, hit our front door at 9:30.  So much fun spending the day with Matt and Jen and Everly Rose.  Even the two dogs behaved.  Er, well, one behaved.  One got into used peanut oil in the garage and was caught in the act with peanut oil all over her muzzle.  She made a mess later on ....  Never mind, we'll be back in Sac in the near future, I'm sure. 💖💗 

This morning (Wednesday 3/29), before we took off on a hike, I was out taking flower pictures in our yard.  (Hike today, rain tomorrow -- that's NorCal this year!)  Anyway, here's a few blooms. Clockwise from top left: Western Trillium, Oregon Grape, White Camellia, Money Plant (Lunaria or Silver Dollar), and a bright yellow Daffodil, one of several varieties blooming now.  Cheerful, colorful flowers.  I am enjoying them daily.


  1. Beautiful flowers, and beautiful Everly Rose! You are blessed, even with so-so weather!

  2. Everly Rose is more beautiful than any flower. Sure hope I get to meet this precious baby one day soon.


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