Catching up -- Tuesday, 6/20/17

Happy Summer Solstice!  Summer, with a vengeance -- hot as an oven (but it's a dry heat, right?)  What's up, you ask?  Not too much.  While Jimmy and I are planning trips, we aren't traveling yet.  Not till next month.  Or maybe August.  Meanwhile, we stay busy in Nevada City while Jimmy continues his knee recovery.  There's plenty to do.  We're still helping out at Tumbling Creek Farm, and picking berries.  Blueberries are ready now, to my delight, making my breakfast cereal a tasty treat.  (Blueberry jam will be coming soon.)  We've also begun some abbreviated walks around the neighborhood, which seem to be working out all right for Jimmy.  But, now that we're at fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk temperatures, we have to get a very early start, no matter what's planned for the day.

At the farm -- more and more strawberries!  Go, Jimmy, go!

* * * * * * * * * *

On the home front, our back yard is abloom!  Above, perennial daisy wildflowers make a nice show every spring, and the blossoms last a long time. I have clusters all  over. They reseed and spread, and, like everything else in the yard, can become invasive.  Ditto for the Rose campion (Lychnis coronaria) below.  I love the brilliant magenta color of this old-fashioned favorite, and so do western tiger swallowtails.  Both these perennials seem to be drought-tolerant.  They'll wilt in the blazing sun and perk up when the tall trees provide shade.  Did I mention invasive?  I have approximately 10 million dinky Rose campions popping up.  Anybody want some?

They're gad-abouts and don't light but a second on any flower

We netted our burgeoning raspberries, to keep the birds from stealing!

* * * * * * * * * *

On Sunday, Father's Day, Matt and family drove up to spend the evening.  Matt stuffed and grilled a pork tenderloin, and it made for a yummy dinner.  As usual, three-month-old Everly Rose stole our hearts!  We had such a grand time and we're always happy to see them.  Everly Rose is a joy to be around.  She's a good baby, happy and not whiny.  And not colicky, lucky for Matt and Jen!

I wish you could see her smile.  Her face shines when she smiles -- she looks so adorable. Alas, she smiles for people, but not for the camera.  Pretty blue eyes!

And Grandpa Jim is baby-tender here!

I'm adding this photo so you can see how good BOTH Jimmy's knees look.  In this photo, taken on Father's Day, he was five-and-a-half weeks post-op from his RIGHT knee replacement surgery.  Though the deck is shaded in the afternoon (thank goodness), we were all sweltering, and as soon as the grilling was done, we disappeared indoors to A/C.

Love these two!

* * * * * * * * * *

I guess most people have heard that the Western States are enduring (or suffering) a "crippling heat wave."  I'll second that!  We went to the movies Tuesday afternoon to escape the 100 degree day.  The blistering heat began Sunday with a hot 98, and won't quit till next Tuesday, another whole week of this!  Not easy to keep plants alive with these temps.  I'm sorry to say that Jimmy's six-week knee check is scheduled for Thursday in Sacramento -- and wouldn't you know it's supposed to be THE hottest day, with a predicted temp of 111.  God save the Queen, and me.

Hoy, look at this!  A blank wall on the corner of Mill and Main streets in downtown Grass Valley was transformed into a fantastic 20' by 80' mural in one week. Justin Lovato, an artist with local roots, painted the intricate details of his design, which include a Yuba River scene, native plant species and the name Grass Valley in bold letters.  I wanted to see the work in progress, but didn't make it to town.  Today, after watching Wonder Woman on the big screen, we walked to the corner, and Justin (white shirt, above) had Just Finished. Isn't it eye-catching? I think it's an asset any community would be proud of.

A newspaper photographer was taking pics for the local daily paper, "The Union."
I like the guy in the red shorts.

We had to pass this yogurt shop on the way back to Smartie.  It was so bloody hot outside, that we felt we should stop in to cool off with a cup of chocolate swirl.  It worked, for a while, but back at the ranch, we sort of fell into a heat-related coma.  We'll probably come out of it next week.


  1. Wow, Mo wants to know how you pick strawberries with a new knee!! Such a sweet baby. Hope the checkup goes well and,you survive the heat. Low 80s in GP today so we are enjoying it

    1. He kinda reclines on his side, elbow and hip, and scoots down the row. The hard part is getting up! Strawberries are done in this heat, so no more. I'm jealous of your low 80's.

  2. Your wildflowers are gorgeous, the baby just gets cuter and Jimmy's knee looks great! Stay cool! :-)

  3. Grandkids are one of the best parts of life:)

  4. Yikes, that is pretty hot! Hope things start to cool down just a little for you guys.

    Everly Rose is a beauty, I think see looks like her mother.

    That mural is wonderful, I love looking at murals on buildings in small towns. It always amazes me how they manage to visualize it and then paint it on such a big scale.



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