The calendar says winter, but...

... it sure felt like spring on this last day of January! With temps in the low 70's, we opted for a bike ride on the Eastern Shore bike trail -- a 20-mile R/T from Point Clear south to Pelican Point at the end of Co Rd 1. We're talking Alabama here. No snow in these parts. Lotsa rain forecast for tomorrow; well, we're not dummies, we know to make hay while the sun shines!

Monarch butterfly siphoning nectar from early flowers, and a statuesque great egret looking for a meal.

Picnic lunch finished. Our winter outfit today: Bike shorts and T-shirts! Gulls resting on pier posts in Mobile Bay.

Pink Wood Sorrel (Oxalis articulata f. crassipes) and Red Swamp Maple (Acer rubrum) are already showing their bright colors!

A stiff SE wind taxed us going and made for smooth pedaling on the return, but our sore heinies let us know we hadn't been on our bikes in two months! Now that spring has seemingly arrived, we can get out on the bikes more often. Next time we'll start out from Fairhope. Which reminds me, I wish I'd gotten a photo of the large bed of salmon-colored tulips I saw when we drove thru Fairhope. Didn't. Oh well. Next time. Had a great ride anyway!


  1. Loved the photo of Jimmy at Mobile Bay. Your photos brought back some happy memories. Too bad we didn't know you when we went through there!

  2. I didn't realize the Red Swamp Maple was already showing color. I'm going to have to get out there and find some. I just love that deep red. We had 3.25" of rain here at the refuge yesterday!

    1. If the weather looks good next wk, maybe we can get together over here?

  3. marilyn and alan fuller11:48 AM

    luv the egret pic - well framed in the grasses. got the books and are enjoying leafing thru - even Dillon is spending time seeing what things used to look like in our mts. thanks for them - they will be in our bookcase if you need them later when you retire in CA - lol.


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