Constructing the Wilkinson "RV Park!!" 7/16-7/19

We had the room to make a proper parking area for our Tergel (and any visiting RV's), but the area needed assistance! We hired Earth and Road Works to help us.  But first, Jimmy and I had to remove the short rock wall - heavy stones! - and pull out the encroaching (and entrenched) St John's Wort from the driveway.  We gained several feet on each side of the driveway near the street by yanking that invasive stuff out.  And it was an all-day's hard work for the two of us on Monday.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

This is where the RV parking will be. Jimmy lifts another heavy one. I helped, honest!

Here come the machines on Wednesday with Josh and Noel.  Yeehaw, I'm riding the roller! This entire area has to be cleared and leveled.

Piling the St John's Wort out of the way. After working hard, it's good to be a supervisor!

Excavator ripping out a large stump, and pulling dirt from the upside toward the downside of the property.

Flattening the cleared land (not me on the NOISY roller, haha). Ready for gravel.

New packed gravel widens our driveway. (see the rock pile?). These two photos show the guys filling the empty gravel truck with yard debris.

Finishing up on Thursday, leveling and spreading another load of gravel. Rolling it LEVEL.

We parked Tergel down the mountain while the work was being done. And now, doesn't she look fine parked in her new digs!  I don't think the CAT is going to stick around, so there will be room to host another RV. 30 amp electric, water and a sewer hookup are within easy reach. I told the guys if the CAT is here tomorrow, I'll probably take it for a spin around the block!

We're pleased with the job done. Glad it's finished. The men took care not to disturb the native dogwood (behind Tergel) and a lilac bush to the right of the CAT, my only stipulations. I guess we'll eventually move those rock piles and maybe make a new driveway border. No hurry, tho.

How does it look?


  1. It looks pretty spiffy!

  2. It looks great! Wow, a level space to park in the mountains. Livin' large, my friends.

  3. ooooh, your place looks so very pretty! You are at a higher elevation that I pictured in Nevada City. Beautiful trees all around you. Yes, level space in the Sierra Nevada Foothills is premium stuff!!

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Outstanding! Looks fantastic! Can't wait to test it all out! wooohoooo! love from NANNIE


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