Playing catch-up... June 2012

First things first: Family, food and fun. After flying in from Sacramento on June 16th, we spent several happy days visiting with family in Alabama before tackling the "challenging" task of loading our furniture into a truck and driving to our new home in Nevada City, California.

My brother Rob, Jimmy's Mom and sister Kathy.

Chowing down at a family dinner at the Spanish Fort AL Olive Garden.

A short visit and a cuppa coffee with Jimmy's son, Jim, grandson"AJ" and daughter-in-law Michele at their place.

AJ and Jimmy having fun, being silly.


So, Jimmy had arranged with Penske in advance to rent a 22' truck and tow dolly. When he arrived at the store early Wednesday morning (June 20th), no 22' truck. Jimmy was peeved; he had higher hopes of Penske. This ain't his first go 'round with truck rental stores and their bait 'n switch tactics. (But, hopefully it is his LAST!) I nearly fainted when I saw the truck and trailer pull up in front of my brother's house where our furniture was stored. He kindly gave up a room in his house and half his garage to store our stuff for three months. Jimmy and I aren't afraid of driving since we both run the roads in our 27' Vista motor home, with Smartie in tow. But this was different. Way different. Well, what's a person to do? Fill 'er up, that's what. And get going!

Now the hard part: After helping to load the truck on June 20th, Rob looks a little beat. The horrid humid heat didn't help any of us. Thanx for all your help, bro! (I think he was posing for the camera.)

June 21st. Pioneers, ready to roll...

...roll in this humongous hog-leg 26' truck, with the Prius on a 1-ton tow dolly! O little did they know then about filling up with diesel at truck stops, motels with big enough parking lots to accommodate this rig, and the constant diesel truck noise!

After an overnight with my sister & BiL in Baton Rouge, we struck off very early Friday morning and pointed the truck NW toward northern California. In Childress, TX, we see this familiar - and unwelcome - sign. Bumpy roads everywhere. Climbing up to the Continental Divide was nerve-racking... @ 35 mph. We just kept rollin'....

A gorgeous sunset in Grants, NM. Thankfully, they'd had quite a storm before we hit town.

Four looong days and approx 2400 miles later, on the evening of Monday, the 25th, we maneuvered the hog-leg onto our Nevada City driveway. It wasn't easy. Then we went in the house and literally crashed. And at 8 o'clock the next morning, our young helper-workers, Chris and Drew (above), showed up; no sleeping in for us! Here they are ready to unload the last piece of furniture.

What didn't make it into the house, piled up in the garage. Sigh... this photo was taken before the truck was completely unloaded (I know this because empty floor space is still visible!). In the past week, we've made quite a headway on those boxes. I think we should clang a bell or something every time another box is emptied. Slowly it all comes together. There's still plenty to do, but the house is HOME and very comfortable. Not one single thing broken out of all those emptied boxes. Amazing. Time spent packing paid off.

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and our plan is to celebrate with a quiet walk along our favorite canal path, followed by the annual "classic hometown" Nevada City parade @ 2 - it may be annual, but it will be our first. Arrive early and bring lawn chairs - can do! After grilling something yummy for dinner, we'll head for Nevada County Fairgrounds and the Sierra foothills' largest aerial fireworks display!

And then maybe Thursday we'll see about those boxes again....


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