Christmas and crunch, crunch -- Fri/Sat, 12/25-12/26

Jimmy and I had a lovely Christmas morning, leisurely opening presents and cooking breakfast in our own home before heading off to Roseville for Christmas with Matt and Jen and Jen's parents, Alice and Tom. It was blasted cold when we left our home in Nevada City around Noon, but the roads were clear and we encountered very little traffic on either Hwy 49 or I-80.  By the time we got to Roseville (3000' lower in elevation), the temp had warmed to 52.  Today is also Jen's birthday, so she got double presents!  Indeed, every year (win-win)! Everyone had a grand time, presents given and received were A-one ... and the dogs pretty much stayed out of trouble.

Merry Christmas, Jen and Matt!

We noshed on appetizers before opening gifts.  But then we were all hungry for dinner.  What, you ask?  Dinner was Jimmy's seafood gumbo, Alice's scalloped potatoes, and Whole Foods' Alaskan crab!  Look at that pile of empty crab shells on Matt's plate ... he did all right!  Dessert was my cranberry-walnut upside-down cake and eggnog cheesecake.  Everything was delicious!

Alice and Jimmy spoiling Maggie (above) and Sophie (below).

I'll say it again -- it's wonderful having Matt and Jen living in Sacramento now where we can see each other more often than once or twice a year.  Celebrating Christmas with them is extra-special.  We left Alice and Tom's place a little after 7 pm so we wouldn't have to be on the road late.  I think it's safer to be off the road before tipsy party-goers decide to attempt driving.  We were home an hour later, safe and sound. 

Poor ol' Tergel is shivering in her boots! 

Saturday morning was frigid; the low temp in the high 20's.  That's cold.  We futzed around in the morning, cleaning up some of the usual Christmas debris, etc., and then we decided we wanted to go for a walk.  The sun was shining, which made the outside seem even more inviting.  We waited till after lunch when the temp was up to 40 before we layered up and went out into the wintry air.  The Christmas Eve snow remains on the ground, frozen in place, and we had to be soooo careful where we put our feet, so we didn't go slip-sliding away!

We wondered if the canal trail would be snowy and sure enough it was.  Snowy and crunchy.  No stealth mode here, our every footstep crunched loudly on the icy snow.  I bet we sounded like a gang of troopers as we walked along.  No way was this a speed walk -- but by the time we got home, I knew I'd gotten an aerobic workout! Nevertheless, we enjoyed the walk very much.

With the sun shining on the tall tree tops, big plops of snow fell periodically, and if a puff of wind hit the high boughs, we'd be pelted with "raindrops," which was really just melted snow.  I pulled my hood up.  Jimmy's jacket doesn't have a hood, and once he yelped like a girl when one of those icy drops hit his neck and trickled down his back!  Quite a few other intrepid folks were Out and About on the trail, each with a smile and a cheery hello.  It was very beautiful today.

With his mantle of moss and snow, this little "bear cub" is waving goodbye!


  1. Love that last photo. Sounds like a verrrry merry Christmas was had by all. I remember the winter wonderland walks we took back in the day when we were in places where the white stuff used to fall this time of the year. I think I'll take our Port A style 'white walks' on the beach now, thank you very much. Unless the wind dies down some, there won't be any walks for us today ... white or otherwise.

  2. A happy Christmas is truly a blessing!

  3. I was hoping you'd show pics of the deserts you made. They sound delicious.

  4. Just found your blog over at Two to Travel's Phaeton Journeys and since we RV similar to you I thought I'd follow along for awhile. No travels likely for us before April - after I have my other knee replaced.

  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Love the pictures. It's beautiful to see you all together. Such a loving family! Such a perfect Christmas. So happy for you. Ours was a little more hectic, lots of fun, wrappings everywhere, lots of work, food turned out to be delicious and worth all the effort ... great family time with a couple of friends joining in as well. Love, Anne


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