Veddy Interesting Saturday! 12/20/15

The day began as a routine Saturday, except snow was forecast.  I went out to the street mailbox around 7am to get our newspaper, per usual.  Somewhere around 9, I opened the kitchen window shade to see if the birds were at our bird feeder yet.  Eh?  Where's the bird feeder?  Uh-oh.  I went into the garage to look out the garage door window and saw the now-empty feeder sagging several feet below where it should have been, the wrought-iron hanger nearly twisted off.  I ran back in the house to open the living room sliding door curtain to ... uh-huh, no bird feeders visible  ... they're on the ground.  Everything smashed.  Bear.

And a big muddy paw print on the garage door window.  Yikes!

Blue birdbath and three feeders downed and smashed (the orange one isn't broken).

Light snow dusts the ground and the torn-up area on the right looks like where the bear wallowed.  OK.  I get it.
No more feeding birds for a while.

Our friends across the street came over at 10am to share our annual Christmas Kringle with us, always fun.
By this time, snow was falling in earnest.  Hi, Fran!

A picture post card!

Matt and Jen were driving up from Sacramento around 1pm to visit.
He asked about the road, so I sent him this picture.  I told him it looked doable.

When they arrived, the "girls" -- Maggie and Sophie -- wanted to explore in the snow.  From the back deck, Maggie looks out on the bird feeder destruction.  We were grateful to NOT see bear prints on the deck this morning! Maggie looks festive in her bright red hoodie.

Sophie wasn't so sure about stomping around in the snow.  Photo op!

After a bite of lunch, we hit the downtown streets of Nevada City for their Victorian Christmas festivities. The streets were clear, no snow stuck here, but drizzle persisted.  It was cold, probably in the high 30's, cold enough for me to pull out my Alaska parka.  We all bundled up.  Because of the weather, we left the dogs at our house. Lucky us to circle a street close to downtown and get a parking space near Broad Street.  Cool beans!

Not everybody left their dogs at home!  Matt made a friend -- "Peeps."

I think Jimmy looks pretty good in a top hat.  I wish my waist was this small .

It was fun listening to the various groups play carols.  These kids were doing their best ...

... while this little guy stood rapt.

Nice to have a blazing fire to warm your hands or whatever needed warming! 

We really enjoyed our afternoon here with Matt and Jen, never mind the weather.  By the time we took this picture, the light rain had stopped.  We walked in and out of shops, admiring their wares, sometimes oohing and aahing, but not buying much.  On our way back to the car, we stopped in at Wheyward Girl Creamery for some delicious cheese and a loaf of bread, and then drove home.

It was toasty warm inside!  Jimmy fired up the stove to heat the seafood gumbo he'd made, while I put on a pot of rice.  Matt and Jen sliced the cheese and bread and got out the crackers.  We proceeded to have a pre-Solstice feast, while the dogs circled like sharks (heh heh, it's what dogs do), and we smacked our lips afterwards.  We topped it off with brownies that Fran had brought over earlier.  Yum yum, all the way around.

The only presents that were opened today were two dog toys, one for each girl.
Meh, they said ... we'd rather have shrimp!

We had snow or light rain almost the entire day, but ended up with a slushy mix covering everything.  I don't suppose we need to worry about the bear returning since he cleaned us out, but I bet if I hear the slightest noise tonight, I'll be up and peering out the window.  Today ends quietly, altho not really a routine day after all. Tomorrow more rain/snow is predicted ... definitely an inside day.  A perfect day to bake more cookies!


  1. I've sat with bears for hours on end in Alaska, watching them fish, having them wander by quite close ... but I still wouldn't want one visiting me unannounced ;-). Your annual Kringle outing looks like fun.

  2. Such an exciting life you have out yonder in California!

  3. Your pictures are about as close as I'd want to seeing snow, or a bear for that matter.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! Bears must be hungry to bother with bird seeds.

  5. What a perfect pre Solstice, pre Christmas day in a perfect Christmas town. Yeah. Bears and bird feeders don't go well together, but didn't anyone tell that bear he should be sleeping??


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