Down on the Farm -- Monday, May 16th

We pulled out of our driveway Monday, May 16th, a day later than originally planned, but the glitches that delayed us were fixed (or in one case, nonexistent!). Our ultimate destination is the Boston area in June for a family reunion, so we’ll be steady heading east, always keeping our eyes on unsettled spring weather. We weren’t going far today, just to Fallon, Nevada, our first stop at a Harvest Host farm. Anticipating this year’s road trip, we paid $40 to join HH at the beginning of the year and we’re looking forward to stopping at several as we travel. There’s no cost to stay at a HH site, but they they usually don’t have hookups.

Donner Pass was clear and 45 degrees at the summit, and we had an easy downhill on I-80 to Reno. Since we had the time and because she needed some, Jimmy arranged to have new front shoes installed on Tergel at Purcell Tire in Reno. They had the right size tires for Tergel’s big feet, and they had us in and out of there in no time.

Checking out the old wagon at the farm.

I think the kids do have fun here.  They have some funny critters!

Jimmy in front of one of their huge hoop houses.

We thought this image represented the iconic old west.

We bought a bag, which we’ll enjoy. 

Lattin Farms in Fallon welcomed us w/o fanfare and gave us a nice out-of-the-way place to park. They’re a bustling farm with 400 acres and a good CSA business. We walked around a bit, visiting domestic animals of all kinds, both at the farm and across the street, most amusing. And it’s always fun watching quail zip about. 

A brisk north wind was blowing, and unfortunately for us, a large field directly north of where we were parked was being tractor-groomed, kicking up clouds of "tiny earth particles." I don’t know how other RV'ers begin their trips, but we get our Tergel all tidied up, inside and out, before departing. We didn’t move Tergel, we should’ve moved her, but hindsight is useless ... we were covered in field dust! Oh, my aching sinuses! Ah well, I guess we’ll survive.  Other than the dust -- and it is a farm, after all -- we give our first HH stay a thumbs up.


  1. Oh, so exciting! A real, long, honest to goodness, cross country road trip! Looking forward to reading all about it as you travel along. Dust and all. Congrats on the new shoes, and the Harvest Host thing sounds delightful. We will have to check it out if we ever manage to get back on the road again after all the house stuff. Travel safe and have fun. I'll so look forward to reading along.

  2. We have loved all of our Harvest Hosts stays. We haven't had to contend with field plowing but it does seem that it either rains or we drive on a dirt road right after our RV has been washed!
    I'm looking forward to your other Harvest Host visits.

  3. Another summer trip begins! Eastward Ho!

  4. We too spiff up the Phaeton before getting on the road ... would not have been amused that our efforts would have been for nought after our first stop ... but, that's life on the road ;-)

  5. So glad that you signed up for Harvest Host and have already put your membership to use. We have used them before too and really enjoyed our stays. You will find them useful the further east you go because boondocking is a little more difficult out that way in order to find some good spots at least, other than Walmart.



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