All aboard the Creeper! Saturday, 5/21/16

Another cool thing we wanted to do while parked in Rockport St Pk is ride the Heber Creeper.  This little train starts in Heber City and ends it's run 16 miles away in Vivian Park, about three hours R/T. Jimmy and I have pedaled to Vivian Park a couple of times on the Provo Canyon bike trail and we've seen her chug in and out of there.  We always talked about getting tickets to ride, but our timing was never right.  Today, we were hoping the weather would be clear, as it rained off/on all night.  Or at least not be raining, and we partially got our wish, but it was pouring when we climbed aboard.

This run is called the Provo Canyon Limited.  It winds around the shores of Deer Creek Reservoir and travels along the banks of the Provo River, now brimming with rain and snow-melt and speeding toward Utah Lake.  Everything looked so green (think rain).

The cute little old train lurches and hiccups its way along, making picture-taking a challenge.  Its windows were wet on the outside and none too clean on the inside; regardless it was a fun ride and we enjoyed it.  Swans swimming in the shallows of Deer Creek Reservoir were a picturesque sight.

Deer Creek Dam.

The river runs through this spectacular glacially-carved canyon,
and here we spotted one guy reeling in a trout.

This is where the locomotive detaches, shifts to a siding and reconnects.  What had been the last car is now the first car.  She stops for roughly twenty minutes, long enough to get off, stretch your legs, maybe eat a sandwich, before three blasts of the whistle calls passengers to re-board.

We kept getting teasing glimpses of this distant snow-capped mountain, which I think is Mt Timpanogos.  Finally, the train rounded one more curve and there it was.  It was simply stunning; I was riveted to it's majesty. What looks like a cloud on the right peak is wind-blown snow.  I can tell you true, this area has been windy! 

This li'l gal provided some cool entertainment --
on guitar, fiddle, and banjo.  Plus, her singing was good.

We spied several Osprey nests, each one occupied and far, far away.

I don't know why my face looks so red, I certainly haven't been in the sun!

By the time she pulled into Heber City, patches of blue sky appeared in those gray clouds (hooray!) Next on our agenda was a trip to an Internet cafe to use their wifi, since ours didn't seem to be working.  I couldn't believe my almost-new Surface Pro computer wouldn't boot up, either!  Well, Jimmy got the danged machine to start, but there's something wrong with it.  He also got the wifi fixed, thank you wizard-man.  We spent a couple of hours in the cafe catching up on stuff, and on our way back to Tergel, found this gem:

We hadn't planned on eating out and it was still kinda early, but this was too good to pass by.  Rhode Island Diner, in Oakley, Utah, of all places.  We were the first customers this Saturday evening and we were treated royally.  The interior of the diner was just as a diner should look, and the outside as well.  Think about diner food, maybe biscuits and gravy or hamburger fare, but Jimmy and I both had gourmet dinners.  Steve, the owner, had hand-picked the mushrooms that went into my mushroom risotto.  After the computer/wifi hassle, a meal like this was just what we needed.  And no cooking!

Looks like a postcard!

Back at the "ranch," I walked to the edge of the bluff as the sun was fixin' to set.
All's well that ends well, and overall, we had a very good day!

Tomorrow we move on east.


  1. Great diner! Maybe your Surface Pro is working again? Will be curios about the problem. I thought, we'll Nickie has one so maybe that will be my next laptop.... hmmm

  2. Nice photo of the mountains. Sorry to hear you bought a Windows computer. Once you go Mac you don't do windows anymore.

  3. During the time we lived in SLC, we always talked about riding the Creeper ... timing never worked out. Love that little diner. Since switching to Mac have had no desire to go back to Windows ... did end up partitioning my MacBook Air to be able to use OLW for blogging ... but that's the extent of it.


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