Rockin' in Rockport St Pk - Thurs-Fri, 5/19-5/20

At 6000’ elevation, this park is located on Rockport Reservoir and our site on a bluff overlooks the water. The wind that followed us from the salt flats whistled up toward Tergel, blowing hard. Now on Thursday, we’re the only ones in Twin Coves c/g, which is perfect for us, but it won't last -- the weekend is coming and this lake is a magnet for lots of outdoor activities. We’re still dry camping; no hookups available, and we signed up for three nights @ $14/night.

Our hope is to pedal our hearts out on the Rail Trail tomorrow (Friday). After supper, we watched clouds gather over the mountains into a fearsome-looking dark gray mass. Near dusk, lightning crashed and thunder boomed and sheets of rain began … quite the show from Tergel’s giant front windshield! The wind continued to blast away. Spits of rain fell off and on all night, but we remained comfy-cozy inside!

Tergel, all by her lonesome, dead center.

Friday morning, at our dinette, we laughed out loud watching four little cottontail bunny rabbits, playing chase and leapfrog ... it was like watching a vaudeville act!  Their fur looked wet as they cavorted in the grass, but they sure were cute.  The dude above didn't participate in the frolicking as it was busy eating.  Morning siflay, doncha know.

There's snow on yonder mountains.

Otherwise, it was a chilly, gray morning and we dressed in layers. When the temp warmed above 50, we drove into Park City at the start of the Poison Creek bike trail. This part of the trail led out of the city, and as soon as we were out of the lee of the mountains, that awful wind hit us in the face. We rode till the pavement turned to gravel and gave it up … not much fun riding into gale force winds. At White Pine Touring Bike Shop where we stopped on our return to the city, one of the employees reported, “everybody’s complaining about the wind.”  Misery loves company, I guess.  One of the guys interrupted what he was doing to fix a small problem on Jimmy's bike, without charge ... that's going the extra mile.

For much of our bike ride, we rode next to a riparian area, home to blackbirds (Yellow-headed and Red-winged), various and sundry ducks and Canada geese, and a beaver or two, judging from all the lodge and dam construction.  Water was gushing into and out of ponds.  This was the best part of our ride.

A new coat of paint and she'd be like new....

No beaver in sight today.

Nope, I swerved to miss it, then I shooed it off the trail. 

With the bikes back on Smartie, we ate a delicious, filling lunch at Sammy’s Bistro “gourmet food at a great price,” another of Guy Fiero’s stops (Diners, Dives and Drive-ins). He gave it a thumbs-up and we agree! We walked off lunch in historic Park City, mostly eyeing the cool building architecture (but forgot to take pics). There seemed to be lots of trendy shops, but very few people Out and About. Maybe due to the gray, threatening skies that persisted all day, but at least it didn’t rain on us. 

Walking along, minding our own business, we chanced on the man above, Eric, who was coaxing his dog, "Otis," to hop up on the bench.  Otis appeared to be willing, but the bench was designed for smaller heinies (and paws) than his!  Otis is a therapy animal.  He made it up onto the bench, and loved everybody who came along, including Jimmy and me.  He's part St Bernard and part Great Dane, and he also has a little Chihuahua in him ... he ate one for breakfast.  Hardy har har!  Don't blame me for that one, that's Eric's humor for ya!

Hadn't changed out of my bike shorts, so I was happy to have on my jacket!
My friend said his nose itched.

I'd be afraid.

After our day in Park City, when we returned to Tergel, we were treated to a repeat of last night’s thunderstorm, with wild, wild winds, lightning and sideways rain. Two nights in a row, wow!  As the storm moved in, two young guys in a car pulled into the site next to ours, hauled a tent out of its interior, and tried to set it up ten feet away from Tergel's door.  We watched these clowns from our safe and dry home, marveling that they could or would attempt to put up a tent as it tried to blow away, attach the rain flap in pouring rain and themselves soaked, all the while lightning striking all around.  We would've waited till the storm's fury passed, and then both of us said, "Glad we're not camping in a tent!"  When another car pulled in and disgorged two noisy young women and three loud dogs, Jimmy and I looked at each other, pulled in the slides, and moved up the hill to a vacant site with nobody next to it.

By bedtime, the rain tapered to a drizzle and we slept like contented babies.  Maybe this windy, wet weather will be gone by tomorrow.  Hope so.


  1. Every time we see people camping in tents in bad weather, we're glad we've got our cushy accommodations. Have never been one to rough it much ... I just like my adventures to be soft ;-)

  2. We have never stopped at Park City so nice to see it. Crazy tent campers! Might get crazier before the weekend is over. Had to laugh at Erin's soft adventures when I remember her 40 foot seas in the Antarctic. Not me, no way. Tent in the rain beats that kind of adventure!

  3. Looks lie a great place to spend time:)


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